Saturday, January 17, 2009

This video is not for the faint of heart...

OK...I do NOT, as a rule, put this type of stuff on my blog

But , I almost peed my pants... I laughed and snickered and snorted and ...
I probably should have felt bad for the guy but Sheesh...come on!
People do anything to make a buck, but this?

Did you see what I meant?
This video makes me cringe and laugh all at the same time......

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm around

Yep , I am.

Just..not much to say.

We got snow.
I had to work this Saturday so my weekend, wasnt' very refreshing.

Met my neighbor...well, on the phone. Found out she has Facebook and Live Journal.
What's REALLY weird?
I now look at what I write and realize...someone reads it RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME!
For five years, no one I personally know close to or friends... ever uses their computer for social networking.
I mention Facebook and they say WHAT? I mention MySpace and they look at me like I should grow up.
I mention chatting to authors online and they are like... Why don't you LIVE your life?

Excuse me?

Like I'm ever going to meet famous authors? This is BETTER than when I was a kid and I'd write to Donny Osmand and never ever got a response back.
This is better than hearing about someone famous and wishing I could get just an autograph.

Through this here blogging and social connection in cyberspace, I've gotten autographed books from authors! I've MET one. I"ve TALKED to one. All because I AM on the computer!!!

I even get to play word games with my all time favorite erotica author who got me hooked on the romantica genre! I mean, come on! Trading word knowledge with a Literary Diva?

WHERE else can that happen? Tell me.

I love the world wide web. I believe it enhances what if I talk about people I'll never meet. That doesn't mean they don't touch my life or enrich it..they do!

So....How did I even get on this soap box anyway?


OK...yes I am here. No I haven't read any books lately. Darn.

But my neighbor is now a pillow's throw away.
On Facebook.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's about time!

I have internet!
It's been cold and yet I remain online. Can you believe how long it took?

They had to install a thicker cable. If only they'd figured out the issue back in November, they wouldn't have had to stumble though eight inches of snow to do the job.
Silly men.

So, how were your holidays?
Mine went quite well. Got to see ALL of my family. My little sis came up with her family from Florida and the cousins had a rousing good time.

I got a couple of nice gifts from Santa DH.
I ate lots and lots and made my very first chocolate fondu! It came out great!
Leftovers makes great sauce over vanilla ice cream too. YUM.

I won an Ebook from Shelly Munro's birthday bash that she held during the entire month of December. I just found out yesterday. Major squeee moment, let me tell you.

OH, and how did I enter if I didn't' have internet? Work. I have internet access during my lunch at work...though never long enough to do anything of great length. Just enough to contact me and tell them I was still alive. *grin*

I submitted a short story (1,000 words) and found out yesterday that it was accepted at LASR. Should be posted in January. Color me EXCITED!

Guess all that downtime from being offline was good for something, eh?

During the holidays we didn't do much. Generally we just enjoyed the downtime. School for my kids has been rather stressfull and tough, so this short reprieve has been much welcomed.

I took LOTS of pictures, but I can't share any because they were mostly of family. I can share our tree though. The kids totally decorated it. I only did the lights. Not bad, eh?
We fit the tree in where we can, in a place that is colder than the rest of the house. Mostly because a wood stove would dry up it up in record time. It always ends up our family mud room. ::shrugs:: It works.

Anyway, Happy New Year!
Oh, and for any who are wondering...No, I did not make any resolutions.
Bah I'd keep them anyway?

How about you?