Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Life Tidbits

Addiction... that is what the song is. I have listened to it at least ten times in a row and seem to not be able to get enough.

My roofed leaked again when we had another wild wind storm.
Thunderstorms raced through last night again but this time, no leaks. We had a LOT of rain but no leak. I am thinking the direction of the storm may have something to do with it. Who knows?

4 weeks until school is back in session. Wow.

I've picked a few cucumbers and today I picked another yellow squash. Except I gave it to my sitter. Why keep it when we won't be around to eat it?

Going civilized spelunking. That means the caves are made safe and tourist friendly.
The bad thing? One of them, they keep out the bats. What is a cave without bats?
So we'll go to another one where we know bats are. They are so cute!

It was so humid today! I mean, the windows in my car fogged constantly. When you walked outside, it truly was like a sauna...heavy, oppressive and sticky. Darned shame we all have to wear clothes during weather like this. Guys at least can go with only short shorts on and be comfortable. Gals can't- unless we want to be arrested.

Ever See the movie Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage? Would you say it was OK for an 8yr old to see? They LOVE the trailer with the flames, the motorcycle and the chains. But what about the theme? The plot? Is it too violent? Worse than Lord of the Rings??? Just wondering.

Hey, Great news!! Possibly great news.
My eldest's EEG showed "normal" brain activity. Once school starts we are going to wean him off meds and see if he will be seizure free. He will always have epilepsy as part of his medical history, but to have a calm brain scan? He's not had that since he's been four years old..Seven years ago. We are Very Very hopeful!

I adore the books by Kresley Cole. How many are there anyway? I've lost count.

I am yawning so it must be time to hit the hay. Have a good weekend and I hope where ever it's hot out, that it cools down WITHOUT the aid of thunderstorms or wild weather.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Videos of my Scottish Day

Video Hodge Podge.. tee hee and a bit of humor

What I've been up to

The story in this song is filled with dark eroticism and romance to it. Is he bound to her even when he doesn't want to be? What binds him to her? What magic did she really do to him? The beat really gets my toes tapping too.

Oh, did I tell you I went to the Scottish Games last weekend? I got my first tattoo...temporary. I loved it. But I"m glad it's washing off. LOL. So I can get another one next year.

The lightening storms we've been having have been amazing. And yet, I was never afraid. Not good. But on the way home last Thursday, I saw the coolest thing. I have to wait for my turn at the rotary. It was thundering out and I was pretty happy about that. I was staring at the car in front of me, sort of zoning out while I waited for the light to turn green before I could head into the rotary, when a jagged slash of white lightening reflected off of the car's rear window. That means the bolt had appeared right above my car! How amazing is that! And then the thunder hit and the air in my van actually shuddered. I felt it through my body. I love thundestorms. Although to be fair, I know that they are to be respected.

Wednesday night we had a bolt that hit so close, the light, the crash/boom and the cutting of power all happened simaltaneously. That was a bit too close for comfort. We ended up with a leaky roof. Heck, we built the house 14 years ago, so it should not have leaked. But the wind and rain were so powerful, we suspect it pushed the rain down the vents at the peak OR, rain simply poured down the PVC vent on the point of the roof. The rain was so dense, it was akin to pouring buckets of water directly down the spout that should have nothing coming in or out except for air.

I've been left with stripes on my ceiling so now I say I have a Tiger Ceiling. LOL

I picked my first cucumber and yellow squash from my garden. Major High!

I've discovered Facebook. I mean...I've found myself addicted. The word games there are great. I have always loved Scrabble but my DH doesn't ever play board games. It's like I found people to play with! When I was growing up? My Aunts, Grandma and my Mom and I would play. Well, my Grandma and Aunt are dead, I've moved away and no one plays. So Facebook is like a trip to my past when I could play all the words games and have people to play with. It's really sweet.

So, I went to the Scottish games and tried Haggis for the first time. I have no idea if it made that big of a difference in taste when served on a Triscut as it was, you know, if it made the flavor change? or if the Haggis they served is authentic but I liked it. Well, I didn't love it but I could eat it if I had to and I would not make a face.

LOL OH, I have to say, the 1970s had very strange fashions for clothes. Whose bright idea was it for bell bottoms that were so much like bells they looked like sweepers cleaning the floor? LOL. I didn't mind the bat-wing collars but those pants were atrocious. *grin*

Sunday, July 13, 2008

One of my All Time Favorite Shows

If you've ever watched any of Weird Al's MTV Video spoofs, you know just how clever and talented this man is. However, a little known film he made awhile ago is my absolute favorite for lifting me up when I feel down.


There are so many movie puns/spoofs and references, even as of today, I've not identified them all. The only thing I DO know is, they make me laugh. The man has a gift.

Al could not have started off his movie with a more perfect scene and parody. Too dang funny and so much fun. Even the music makes me smile, which you can listen to at the link at the bottom of this post.. ....

I know entrepreneurialship is alive in well, but this sure took it a bit too far. **snort** LOVE the expressions on their faces. I go into fits of giggles every time....

That's one part of the scene I like...Turtles...who knew? ROTFL

This next one had me chortling and LOL'ing so hard when I first saw it. Thank goodness Conan isn't for real because I do NOT remember anything about the Dewey Decimal System.

And this place? I'm serious, when I pick up a spatula? I have this commercial in my head. When one of my spatula's break, I wish for just such a place to run to.

I'm pretty sure Al put this video together -- it's a capsule of the high energy Al's best known for.
BUT WHO IS THE GUY HE'S DOING A PARADY OF WITH THE FLASH CARDS???? I cannot figure that out. Any ideas??? And Billy Idol never looked so good. **tee hee**

I think this is going to be one of my most favorite posts on M's Favorite Things...just because putting it together made me smile all the way through.

Can you remember the last post you did that had you feeling so good as you hit Publish????

Click here and SMILE!!!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I laughed so I snapped it up

I was perusing a blog buddy's blog that I visit once a week or two and today I found this and I couldn't stop chuckling. Not totally from what it says but
where my mind went...

After Reading this? I thought to myself....

In what local-yokel town and in what state was this taking place in?

And I totally can imagine the renowned Mr. Jeff Foxworthy taking a gander at this and thinking to himself... "Hmmm, she just Might might be a Redneck!"

I crack me up.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fireworks of July 4th

Even though the fireworks were cancelled on Thursday night because of thunderstorms, the rain held off on July 4th to celebrate with loud and colorful style the night of the holiday.
This is the first time I've ever had a camera that could take night pictures and believe you me, I had a BLAST. **grin**
Want to see my favorites? I'll even upload the video of the finale for those who didn't get to see any fireworks. Remind me for next year, PUT COTTON IN MY EARS.
What a loud sound! But aren't these shots pretty?

I call this my Butterfly

This is my Dandelion

This is my Feather Duster

And this is my video that I felt sure would not come out and voila!, it captured the colors, the sounds and the ooh's and aaah's. Parden the bouncing though because when I heard the "Whomp!" of the ....cannon? launcher?, I could never be sure of exactly where the explosion would be...high in the sky? left, right or on the horizon. I felt like I was chasing fire flies. Really BIG and LOUD fireflies. LOL

I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful holiday!