Tuesday, March 17, 2009

nope, no update today

that's right.
I've got nothing to say. I'm out of the habit of blogging.
Sad isnt' it?
I've been here since 2005 and a few years later--I'm poof.

What happened? Life. I'm still reading. It's remains a favorite thing.
I'm still playing with my camera - still a favorite thing.
I can't wait until the snow is gone, then I can do garden stuff - a favorite thing.

I'm still working - more than ever and I still like it. Am I one of those people who can say 'Work is a favorite thing?' I am not sure, but I like my boss, my co-worker and the work I do. I like going to work and I don't mind working a Saturday when I have to. I guess that means I like work?

I started another story and I love love love the first chapter. It has drama, it sets up the story and the conflict between hero and heroine and you know there suprises on the way. As for my other story..well..it's been so far on the back burner...it's not been touched. That doens't mean I've not thought of him. Oh no. I found THE picture, the picture that IS my character, Speedo and all. I would print it out and make a poster board...but, well, I have... young eyes around and they might be traumatized. LOL. So it stays on my PC buried deep.

I'm stil on Facebook and loving it. However, I finally am finding myself not so addicted. I'm limiting myself to a few applications. I am not 'friending' left and right anymore. And I Have found two FB'ers that live in my local area. One is a writer so we can talk 'writer' talk...and horses. I talk poop, she talks tack. LOL

I can say,Happy St. Patricks day to you. Hard to believe we've been through two holidays already. I've been good though. Not much candy eating. I've been bad though, too many Ding Dongs. They don't have peanut cross contamination.
Oh that's right!
Did you hear?
Scientists are working on making kids tolerate peanuts and being safe around them! There is hope!
There is a future free of fear of food!

I am So very excited. I realize it will be years before it goes mainstream, but the resutls are positive. And that has got to be a favorite thing. GOOD NEWS!

I hope you receive good news in your near future, if not today.
Thanks for stopping by.

And I had no update?

Monday, March 02, 2009

Are You Having Trouble?

Are you having trouble opening my blog from time to time?
I am.
My own blog and I can't open it. I seem to be able to post but when I want to view it? I.E. says it can't.

I used to be so consistant with blogging. It was a habit, a routine. Since the internet problems for two months and now I.E. AND not being home like I was when I started this blog, it's not often you see updates anymore.

Well, that's interesting. While typing this, Blogger is going up and down with being connect to the internet. What gives?

Just an update.

We got twelve new inches of snow.
Jaid kicks my butt on Wordscraper on FB.
Marianne kicks my butt playing that new Mini-Golf addiction.
Mike leaves me in the dust in Soduku...
Eddie says my updates aren't droll and boring afterall, Yay me!
I like poking Dru and Amy - um, not for REAL...sheesh!

I took my Mom to see Paul Blart-Mall Cop. Once the movie got over setting up the background story, it was really quite cute. Unrealistic, but cute. Enough laughs to make it worthwhile to see it at the early matinee.

Did I mention that I had another short published at LASR? well I did. It's archived now.
I read the funniest short story this past week! The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo & the Poltergeist Accountant by Vivi Andrews
I got it from Samhain Publishing.
I thought it was a hoot!

I read Night Shadows by Cherry Adair. It's the wrapup of this trilogy and it's INTENSE. The whole series was but this is the book that wraps up the loose ends that wove through all three books.

I also read Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole. That was good too. I'm glad Rydstrom got his HEA but he sure had to work for it. LOL

I'm still reading and reviewing for LASR and Whipped Cream. Can you believe it's been over two years? Where'd the time go?

Cats. I like cats on Treadmills.
Links: Two Cats
The cat that refuses a Treadmill

And then we have humans acting wierd with their cats....

What can I say?