Sunday, December 31, 2006

Aurevoir to 2006

Here we are again folks, time to say goodbye on another New Year's Eve. This is my second in blogland and I have to say, this past year was better than the year before. Sure, my Christmas sucked because of that virus, but that doesn't represent the whole year.

I'm ending it on a healthier note, so all is good and upbeat and hey, we have 1/99th of a inch of snow on the ground. How cool is that? Oh about 28 degrees worth, LOL.

I have made some wonderful new blog buddies, met some incredibly talented authors -{{ one for whom I need to do a shout out about her book - Savannah Jordan's ,Sacreligious - I finally read it and I LOVED it!! She makes Anubis to be one sexy Egyptian god. *whew!* }}, I have a MySpace place, I found a new job which I'm alovin' and my little one finally started losing teeth, much to the astonishment of the Tooth Fairy.

I would like to ask, of all the New Year's Resolutions that you'll make, which one would you most likely keep?

I kept the one and only one I made last year - To make a man/eye candy blog-*grin* but this year, I have to be a bit more adult about it.

I am making only TWO (2) resolutions.

On the fun side,

Some of our New Years Resolutions can be quite unrealistic at times.

My idea, coming from the avid romance reader inside me, is a simple wish for you.

Of course, since one of my resolutions is one of THE most common ones - to lose weight - I mean, my DH lost 25 lbs after he made his in 2006 and he's a great inspiration for me - I want to have to have a least a back door wish in anticipation of my less than ideal results .....

*giggle* No, seriously, I wouldn't REALY wish this because I am sure I'm not the only one thinking about doing the same thing - (losing weight!) but the kitty is just so Adorable about it, don't you think?

I hope your celebrations this evening are memorable, wild but safe, and filled with the best of wishes of your family and friends.

You have mine.

Happy New Year for 2007!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A cheap UpBeat post

The day after the holidays is always the toughest.

How many of you feel a little like this?


When you look at all the wrapping paper strewn all over your house, all the new gifts or the left over food and all the chores undone, do you feel a little ...

Overwhelmed and bombarded?


Tis nae tribble at'll.

Call the Cleaning Fairy!

Some items she'll be using are:

Happy Tuesday Dec. 26th!

Oh! And Happy Kwanza - starts today I believe.


Psst. Fever broke late last night. Yea!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A wish for you

Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

I don't have the concentration to do a full fancy post. Went to ER last night. Looks like I'm spending the whole weekend at home, in bed, with pain med's. 102.9 fever the highest. (Virus)

Please have a wonderful, exciting and happy time this Christmas ... , I'm counting on you to have lots of fun!

And stay healthy!

OH, Remember I said that there was voting going on at the RBL Site? Nathan didn't stand a chance. The winner by 121 votes is ......

Adrian Paul.

Nice choice, but maybe next year?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hey! My new Camera Works!!!!!


As you can see,







Monday, December 18, 2006

Where's the snow?

The snow most certainly can't be found on this side of the country.

It's been balmy and warm. Flies still manage to find their way indoors to buzz and bug us ad naseum. Despite the lights, the music, the crowded malls and the money flying out of our bank accounts with disturbing ease, The Spirit of Christmas is alive and well.

Today, me and my friend, "P", whom I've not seen since Halloween, went out to breakfast then shopping. At the moment we started backing out of our parking spot to head home, I noticed this little old lady struggling to get a box out of a shopping cart. The long box was almost as big as she was! I could see that she wasn't having an easy time of it, so pointed her out to "P" and said,

" I think she's going to need help."

That's all I had to say.
"P" parked that truck so fast, I had whiplash. LOL

I got out and offered her my help.
Nothing lights up your day more than seeing a sweet smile of surprise on the recipient of your good intentions.
She was so grateful and her hearty "Merry Christmas!" had more meaning in it than the phrase had only five minutes before.

This qualifies as one of M's Favorite Things.

The day couldn't get much nicer ... or so I thought.

I checked my mail box when I got home and something wonderful was waiting.

My blog buddy, Brandy, sent me a little surprise!! Which means that my day got even better.

What was inside?

A beautiful book mark! How well she knows me. *grin*
It's a perfect fit.


and a box of irrisistable diet busting candy from SEEs!!! You have NO idea how hard it is to get SEEs candy around here. The last time I had some of their candy was ..... oh, about three years ago.

So for all the blogworld to see, I say , "THANK YOU, BRANDY!"

I'm continually humbled by the wonderful people that populate blogland.

How'd I get so lucky??

If I figure out how my new Christmas present works from my DH, I might post a picture of the book mark!!

Hope your shopping is almost done!
The reindeer are getting anxious. *gg*

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The final farewell - American Veteran

Warning : this is NOT going to be a funny post. It's serious, heartfelt and humbling.
And it is long. There is nothing about what I saw, felt and did that a short post could do justice to.

First, I love my job. An intricate emotional level was recently added which gave my position a surprising depth. What happened yesterday made this more than a job.

I have to be vague, but I can share the sentiment.

What is sadder than death?

How about;
Death without anyone to care for your passing. No one to attend your funeral, no one to shed a tear and say, "You'll be missed."

What makes this worse?

The deceased was a military man. He valiantly served our country in WWII and he died with no one to mark his passing.

Tragically, that happens more than you may realize. More than I realized. However, I was able to make a small difference. For one moment. For one man or, at least, his soul.

Last week, I was given the task of arranging a military funeral for this war vetern. The decision of what would happen would be mine. I'd never done such a thing before and was a little nervous. The lady who worked there was exceptional and helped make the process smooth. I had to make a few decisions but she took care of the rest. I had no idea what constituted "the rest", but I figured we would find out.

Most of the honor guards are volunteer retired military vets and there were two choices based on their avalibility, to have the honor guard and (if volunteers avaliable) a gun salute.

If I don't use the right words, forgive me. I'm was a tad overwhelmed.

I chose the the gun salute to go with the honor guard and I said that we would provide the prayer service.

Me saying prayers? I have NEVER done such I thing. What was I thinking?!!

Yesterday, I , my boss and my co-worker went to the Military Cemetary.
Prior to leaving, I had asked my boss what we were going to say for our part in the service.
Turns out no one really thought conciously about it. Seems none of us had ever done such a thing before.

I'm not sure what made me do it, that mad dash of "grab and go", but I snagged my Bible before I left for work.
A frantic call to my parish priest from the office garnered a dictated prayer that he would've said himself for a deceased military vet started things off. My boss got that one, my co-worker suggested Psalm 23 and I found by flipping pages ,the Psalm 116. It touched me, spoke to me ... and in that moment, I knew. We were ready. I was ready.

The sun gave us unseasonable warmth and a blue sky greeted us as we got out of our cars.

The chapel had military personnel flanking the doors, which they opened upon our arrival. Flags of all our military branches lined one side of the room. In front was a rather large picture window which encompassed the majority of the wall. It faced a field of grass still green and lush. We could see a cement walkway in the form of a "T" situated in the middle of our outside view.

The atmosphere inside seemed to touch us with a respectful and sombre air. You had a sense that the chapel seemed filled with pride in the vets it has honored in the past. Patriotism doesn't die with death.

The sound of our voices seemed out of place. None of us felt like talking.

When the service started, beautiful words were voiced - full of respect and gratitude for the years this man gave to our country and its freedom. In front of us, through the huge window, we watched men in full uniform march in formation heading for that cement "T" we had noticed. They had the rifles for the salute. Have you ever seen this done? It reaches the American Patriot inside us all when this honor is experienced first hand. Watching it on TV buffers us from the emotion and we miss out because of it. Seeing the flare of orange as the guns discharge makes an impact on your senses.

Then it came to our turn. My boss was quite eloquent and heartfelt. She had gotten to know the man and thought he'd been a sweatheart. Hers was the personal touch that this man deserved. My friend read her choice, Psalm 23. Then came mine. I'd only read it once in my mind and now I was about to stand up and voice this outloud. Would it reach out and touch more than just me?

Psalm 116
Thankgiving to God Who Saves From Death

I love the Lord, who listened
to my voice in supplication,
Who turned an ear to me
on the day I called.

I was caught by the cords of death,
the snares of Sheol had seized me;
I felt agony and dread.
Then I called on the name of the Lord,
'O Lord, save my life!"

Gracious is the Lord and just;
yes, our God is merciful.
The Lord protects the simple;
I was helpless, but God saved me.
Return, my soul, to your rest;
the Lord has been good to you.
For my soul has been freed from
my eyes from tears, my feet from
I shall walk before the Lord in the land of the living.

My boss turned to me once I sat back down, leaned over and whispered. " Thank you" in a hushed and choked voice. I wasn't alone in my feelings about Psalm 116.

The honor guard then proceeded to open the side doors to the outside air. Within moments came the haunting and emotional tribute of TAPS. The crisp and clear notes of two bugles, one slightly delayed that seemed to resemble an echo of Patriots past carried on the gentle breeze as it swirled in from the open doors until the last notes drifted away.

Goose bumps raised on my arms and tears formed in my eyes. A fitting tribute to a man that never should have been forgotten. Never should have died so alone after what he gave for all of us so long ago.

At that moment, not only was I proud to do this for a fellow American, but felt immensely blessed to have a job that could provide this human touch, this act of kindness.

How'd I get so damned lucky?

The presentation of the flag is a study in respect, honor and pride. The presentation of the bullet casings was unexpected and appreciated.

Yesterday had a big impact on me.
Can you see why I couldn't do a short post about this?
Why I had to post this?

I don't want to forget.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I had a WHOOPS moment

I'll be brave and share it with you.

As you may be aware, I'm on MySpace. They have initiated a new feature, their own IM product.

So, I downloaded it and sent a bulletin out to the 40 friends I have listed. Only three have activated the program so my options of chatting are severely limited.

Imagine my surprise tonight when I connected!

Oh, was I excited. I got to talk books! Romance books. My MySpace "friend" reads Nora Roberts. So we started comparing notes on authors and themes. I had mentioned that I enjoy romances that have Navy SEALs.

I was asked what the allure was about Navy SEAL romances.

My response garnered this comment, "SEALs do tend to have it all, smart, built as well as usually dark and handsome."

Oh , yes, this fellow reader new what was what.

I agreed and said that I enjoyed sexy vampires, werewolves and a sexy elf thrown in for good measure too . We talked paranormal romances versus contemporaries.

So, there I was, typing blythly along when WHAM! One little phrase made me sit up and take notice.

Guess what?

My IM MySpace friend?

WAS A GUY!!!!!!!!!!


Frantically I'm rereading all that I wrote about sexy Vikings, Vampires and muscle cars and I'm starting to blush to the roots of my hair.
Oh my!

A guy who reads romance? Ima thinking maybe he's going to make a wonderful and attentive husband someday.

I keep telling myself this to help get over the mortification.

So, um, this is funny, right?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm a RBL

You didn't know that about me did you?
That I was a RBL.

Romance Book -lover.

Sure you did. What you may not know, and only care about if you are a romance book reader, is that there is a site out there in Blogland that caters to the author and reader alike. It's a very well mannered but highly energetic group of women who know how to enjoy all aspects of romance novels.

A lady I met two years ago who owns a UBS introduced me to it.
On Romance by the Blog, Michelle B's site, she had romantica, erotic romance authors visiting to give us their understanding of that part of the genre. Jaid Black was there, Robin Schone and Emma Holly.

Pretty high powered stuff. Look in my links under Michelle B's blog and you'll get to see it.

The reason I'm bringing up the RBL aspect is that Emma Holly IS a RBL. If I'm not mistaken, so is Karen Marie Moning. Right now, we are voting on the best male model. The contest is only days away from closing. There are 4 finalists. Adrian Paul and Nathan Kamp being my favorite two to choose from.

Are you curious about the best kept secret for Romance Book Fans out there?

Remember, this place is fun BUT respectful. They don't allow snarkiness because once you are there for awhile, you are like family. These ladies see the best in people and are supportive when bad things hit the "family". You just want to cyber-hug all of them. I've even met a fellow RBL - and they are as sweet in person as they are online.

Visit a RBL today!

Just so you can see what is a stake here, these are three out of the four nominees:

What do you think???

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Test of Personality

Do you have any time to waste?
A pencil and paper?

Try this Tibetin Personality Quiz.
I'll let you know what I got.

I have pride in my family, but career comes before love, but thankfully, Money comes last.

My personality is furry, my partner is cute, sex is my nirvana and my life is pleasant.

I botched the colors as far as I'm concerned. And my lucky number? Ha! Only if that was my harem.

It didn't take long to do this. Even with Dial-up.
I hope you get more entertaining results than me.

Dang, I almost did resluts again. Must be all that thinking of Nirvana.

Time flies

I used to do posts every couple of days. Have you noticed how the time between posts is getting longer and longer?
My hours are getting shorter but the days are getting longer. How strange is that?

Did you know that I'm on MySpace? Yep, Have been for awhile. I did something that is either really brave, silly or foolhardy. Take your pic.
I downloaded their IM product.

I have Yahoo messenger too but only one person "talks" to me on that. She's an author and I adore her. She has her first published book out but I haven't read it yet. I bought it, but naughty me, haven't read it. I remember her sharing excerpts with me and I will tell you, I KNOW I'm going to enjoy the anthology. No doubt about it. Just haven't gotten around to it. Same with another author I found while aimlessly hitting the Next Blog button. It was the first time I'd ever found a real cool blog by doing that. I bought her book too, but again, haven't found the time to read it.

Of course I HAVE read books, but these are Ebooks. Which means I have to sit my butt down in the chair and stay there. Paper books can be dragged all over - the bedroom, the waiting room at a car dealership, um .... dare I say, the bathroom too? ... yes indeed, paperback books can travel. So they get read quicker, easier and first.

Yes, yes, I know all about the E-readers out there. The big difference is the price. I'm looking at the choice between my handy dandy stationary PC already paid for vs. a fancy on the go machine that I would have to buy. I don't know about you, but I really don't see the need to spend money on that kind of device .... yet.

I am keeping my eye on them though. It's one of the future wish list items , like DSL ( no supporting wiring avaliable from phone company as of yet) or a new fancy schmancy digital camera or a landscaper. I'd throw in a maseusse, but I'd be pushing my luck.

I priced the cable internet around here. I'm curious as to what other companies charge for cable internet.

I was quoted $47.00 per month plus an initial $50.00 installation fee.

Is that comparable to other parts of the country? Are there cheaper rates out there? More?

Personally, I think they are greedy. Why does it have to be almost 50 bucks a month? In my locality, there is no competition - you either have cable or dial up.
I hate monopolies.

So, between all and sundry, time flies between posts. I hope all is well with all my visitors and that your holiday/Christmas shopping is going well.

Haven't even started.
Oh my.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Flying Slugs

A Big Thank you to all of you who responded to my previous post about Trista. You are the BEST!!!!

I just wanted to update my blog with a snippet of my family life.

Today I was treated to a new sport.

Flying Slugs.

First, you build one of those balsam wood planes that use a rubber band for propulsion.
Second, you go outside and look under rocks, old rotting wood or forest debris.
Third, attach said slugs onto the wings of the plane.
Fourth, Wind her up.
Fifth, Let 'er rip!!

The amazing thing? The slugs stay on for more rides!

Doesn't it remind you of when you go on a roller coaster? Don't you always want to immediately go on another daring ride?
Guess we have something in common with the common slug.
Who knew they were little dare devils?