Monday, January 28, 2008

Mother of a Problem

Hey Folks!
Oh, Many and Multiple HUGS to all of you who've stopped by my blog to give me cyber encouragement during my disconnection woes.

All looks very Woe-like.

Turns out not only my Modem is fried but my MOTHERBOARD is and has been, a ticking Fry-bomb. Seems a major cooling component, looks like a square thingy, was never attached! It was lounging on the bottom of the tower! One of the silver brackets that hooked it onto the Motherboard was snapped!

The tech was amazed my computer didn't fry a long time ago!!! The last tech who replaced a modem... remember , this is modem #3, never said a word! So, did he DO it? or did he just not say anything because , you know, he's a subcontracter who's only job was to repair the modem.
Did I buy a lemon from the Get-go?

I will never know.
Just like I have NO idea when the New Motherboard will be shipped plus they have to check the Power Supply ! THEN they will install the modem.

And get this!
NOW, I can't even use the computer as a word processor! Can you believe this!?!
I can't even read any of the Ebooks I have on my system.
My eldest can't do his homework!

The tech..a cutie named Kelly - but he's a guy .. wouldn't reconnect the wires.... he said NOT to use the computer at all!

So, I"m here, working on a Monday, I just transcribed over 25 phone messages! ARGH and now I'm typing this here blog update so you know I'm still kicking around....

And Bless my co-worker...she just told me she might have an old computer they were going to throw out that I could have to use as a Word Processes for my Son! Isn't that nice of her?

I can be internetless and go farkin' nuts, but at least my eldest can do his homework!

Just think ... if the motherboard does take two weeks to be shipped in like the modem, I'll be offline for a MONTH -- which means I've paid for internet access I've no access to.

How's that for sour apples?

So, Now I have to go back to work. But at least there I have internet access, even if only for 10 minutes.

No Moonlight this past Friday! They had Garth Brooks on instead.
I listened to the DJ's on the radio this AM on the way to work... I was laughing like crazy!

Wanna know why?
Because they said that Garth's going away and coming back again to perform is like his being a Groundhog.....pokes his head up to sing abit and then goes backs and hides. Sooo.....

they changed his name to Puxatawny Garth! ROTFL!!!!!

By the way, I did it! I did it! I baked a Sweet Potato in the Red Hot Embers of my Wood Stove. Just like I promised myself I would.
I have to tell you, wood cooked tater's are awesome!!!!!!!!

So, like, that's my update. Thank you ALL who've commented below. I don't have the internet time here to thank and comment on your comments but I really Reallly appreciate you checking in and talking to me. I miss that!
A whole bunch more than you may realize!
TTFN - until whenever!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Repair time Count Down

Yep, it seems Thursday nights is my night to escape to the library.

The repair man is coming tomorrow. Cross your fingers that it IS the modem that is the culprit for 2 whole weeks of disconnection.

In that time, my eldest has been told to do his homework ON THE COMPUTER!!
Do you know what that means?

Usage wars! I'm the computer's main squeeze and its hard to share! lol

I LOVED last weeks Moonlight ! I was Shocked when they offed Josh. My DH felt it was timely.

I can't believe that the actor Heath who played in First Knight is dead! It's like No FAIR! He was turning out to be so talented and diverse like Johnny Depp. Give him the hair change and make up and he was totally not himself. Very tragic ...I hope it turns out to be an accident. I wish it hadn't had to have happened at all.

It made it to 30 degrees today! Wow...sure beats the 18 for a high that we've been enjoying lately.


10 minutes of computer time left. There are wings on the little clocks that zoom by my head... time flying aroundand by, is annoying. Can't catch the little buggers no matter how hard I try.

The worst thing about writing up a new blog at the library? No pictures. No graphics, just me and the page.

You know when people talk about their little black books? You think phone numbers and hot dates, right?
As a mom - all a little black book means is Doctor appointments up the wazoo, and a means to keep them organized and remembered. That's all my little black book does and I'd be lost with out it.

After the Modem repairman finally graces me with his prescence, I have to run out the door to an MD appt with minutes to spare. He knows I have to go, I know I have to go. Between knowing, I hope there is doing.

In 2 weeks, you'd like to think that I would have TONS to blog about. I don't.
How wierd is that?

Have a Warm ,Safe and Healthy Weekend Everyone!

Hope to see you soon!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I took her advice

I'm at the library!

I have.... 17 minutes left of my surfing/internet time.
I totally forgot my library {{Thanks Marianne!!!!!}}had access to the internet so
I left the family at home and came here to get my internet fix.
I am SO in withdrawal , folks!

The company that the company we bought the computer from NEVER called me!
If I hadn't called THEM, I never would have known that they Don't have the part,
Don't know when they'll get it, it IS on order and they have NO idea when they'll come to
the house to fix my modem!!!

A Pox on slow companies!

So, here I am..missing all of you..your blogs, your comments, your humor, your connection.
I'm thinking of you all.....

Send whammies and jammies to the companies who say they give Good Customer Service and give snails the look of speedsters.

Heck, I don't have time to edit so this is as it is. If I sound and look like I'm rambling...You are right. I am....

15 minutes left? Already? Crikey! Gotta zip and do some viewing!

Miss ya!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Modem Fried

Bare with me folks.
I'm sneaking in at work.
My Modum FRIED early last Friday morning.
No good news in sight.

It IS under warranty though. They have it on order with NO idea when it'll arrive and of course THEN I have to make appoitment for them to come and fix it!!

So, I'm around, but internetless and it's killin' me!

I miss you all!
I miss so MUCH!!!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm published! Oh my!

Tee hee.
Talk about a Good Morning wake-up call for me!

Quick! Jog over to LASR's website for a free treat.
My short (short) story!!

What's in a Name?

I'd love to know what you think.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Things that amaze me

Yes, I can be amazed.

Even by simple things.

Back in 2006 or so, I wrote an Ode to Ron Ely. What do I find amazing? After over a year, I not only still get hits on it, but comments too! Where IS the guy anyway? Everyone's tried to find out what is currently going on with him and we've all come up with zip! He's totally gone off of the radar. What a bummer.
Hey, Have you Voted yet at Preditors & Editors TM Readers' Poll ??

My goodness, there's a lot to vote on. When you check it out, I'm SURE you'll be amazed too.

I voted for my favorite Review Site, LASR.

Can you help me out by voting for them too? :-)

Hey, Did you sign up to win any contests lately? I am AMAZED at the sheer volume of authors involved in this endeavor.

I did. I entered one for Jayne Ann Krentz, Lucy Monroe, Angela Knight and Emma Holly.
OH, you need to know WHERE to go? Here. Here!

As I was getting the link for you, I noticed I missed Thea Divine's contest! I'll have to remedy that, LOL.


Another thing that amazes me ... LASR is going to publish my very first short story. It's really short. *grin*
One of the perks of visiting LASR's website is that visiters get to read a short story for FREE!

What do you mean, you've never been there!
How could you miss all the contests that offer FREE books and things from spotlighted authors??

Well, I'll have to help remedy that by providing a link, right?

I have a question for YOU.

HOW did you start blogging. Who can you blame?

Be amazed when I tell you that I Blame author NINA BANGS ( who just happens to have a new book out - One Bite Stand)

I wrote to her, but to do so, I had to JOIN Blogger because she didn't allow anonymous comments.
I think that was...2005?
Then I discovered OOTB -Out of the Blogosphere, a web-ring of paranormal authors.
Once I started visiting, commenting, making my own blog and actually having AUTHORS visit..I was hooked. And I've never looked back.

Now, aren't you amazed?


Oh, and thanks to those of you who took the Three Stooges Poll. I think it's funny that the majority of you can take them only in SMALL doses. Me too!

Until next post!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Blatent Ambiguousness

I promised to change my blog.
I was going to do it.
Then an email came through.
then another
and another.
And someone from my past blogging haunts came back like a phoenix and so I had to visit that one.
He's raunchy, naughty and full of sass and grossness. Yet, I like his blog.
Must be the inner adolescent inside me. LOL

I"m supposed to link to something big and exciting..but I have a headache.
I'll do it tomorrow.
I hope.
I think.

I made cookies awhile back.
Was supposed to freeze them.
Does it count when I walk outside and it's minus 2 degrees?

Can I share a shock?
When I was younger, I watched Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
I was in luuurrve with Cpt. Crane a/k/a David Hedison.
Tonight, I watched the DVD from the TV series.

Can I now say that my taste in men has changed?
Where before I got the hots watching him, now?
I'm like, Where's his Bod?
Good Gravy, I realized I'm so used to seeing testosterone laden males with steroidal biceps and girthed chests via the mighty Red Woods on my romance novel covers that I've gone beyond the realm of mortal men!

I'm like "Where's his arm definition? the tight butt? Where IS his butt?"

Bad, bad, Michele. Must come back down to Earth.

So, gee, that's my post. Not much is it. But it is different, it's updated, it's changed.
Does that count?