Monday, October 01, 2012

Nothing to See Here or There or Anywhere!

Not a thing.
But I promised myself I'd try to post at least once a month.
Remember the days when I was here every day?
And I had lots of fun and clever things to say?
Well, in my own mind anyway.

What am I looking forward to?

Andrea Speed has a new book coming out on my birthday. October 5th.
Christine Feehan has a new book coming out on Katrina's birthday on October 2nd.
Then I find out Nina Bangs has a new one coming out around the same time!
It's like Christmas in October!
And I STILL get presents!

Ok, yeah,  so I have to buy them. Still - it's grand.

Um, what else is there.

Still working.  Still working on my dust bunny collection.  The show Hoarders hasn't come to my
house yet, so I must still be in the range of  'normal'.

How nice, TracFone Wireless sent me a birthday card.  Well wishes and a reminder to buy More minutes so I can get 30 minutes free. Oh how generous.  Spend my birthday money, IF I get money, on them., stand in line.  Feehan, Bangs and Speed are in front of the line.

Oh-oh- I smell my corn bread burning.

Gotta run!!!