Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Book Addiction Alert

I did mention ((before my posts got all furry)), that I had read quite a few books. I needed to do the "silly" stuff for awhile. But now, it's time to get serious!
**A future post will be dedicated to Sir Judson as he is the one who inspired it. So stay tuned. **

Now, without further ado:
Books I've read so far in 2006!!!
And since this is only since January 2006, AND since there are so many, posting covers may make this post short curcuit, so I'm only going to do pics sporadically, OK?

Walk In Moonlight = Rosemary Laurey Major Thumbs up!

What Dreams May Come =Sherrilyn Kenyon, Rebecca York, Robin D. Owens (Robins was the best of the three, IMHO)

Ready = Lucy Monroe

3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys = Lucy Monroe (FUN!)

Heat of the Moment = Jessica Hall


Keeper of the Bride = Tess Garritsen


Danger Calls = Caridad Scordato

(weird and intriguing and I want more from this author!)

The Billionaires Pregnant Mistress- Lucy Monroe (gosh, I love her style)

Code Name: Baby = Christina Skye

(not the best of the "Code Name" books. Not at all, but a great Library read)

The Midnight Work = Kassandra Sims


The Greeks Christmas Baby = Lucy Monroe (This got me in the sentimentality meter!!)

Courting Midnight= Emma Holly
(hubba, hubba , yum-yum!)

Blush= Susanne Forster
The Misconception = Darlene Gardener (**Grin**)

The Real Deal = Lucy Monroe (Cool)

Full Moon Rising = Keri Arthur

(Yowza! I want more!!!)

Blow Me Down = Katie MacAlister

( A fun romp. Great idea. I thought I figured out the bad guy and I DID!!! but I didn't... not really. You'll have to read it to find out)

Wicked Women 101 = Susanna Carr (I'm not too sure, it was OK)

HOWEVER - This next spread of books , are ones I've READ IN THE PAST WEEK!!!

Master of Darkness = Susan Sizemore

Was on an author chat with Susan. I've read all the books in this series so far..this one is just as good. Had some HUH? moments, but they didn't detract or stall the story, so that's OK. WHO IS THIS HUNKY NEW MODEL ANYWAY? HE'S WAY MORE HUNKY THAN THAT OTHER GUY...WHAT'S HIS NAME??? JOHN...WHO???

Shadow Touch = Marjorie M. Liu

Oh wow. Intense...I really want to know more about the mystery guy in the end. Now HIS character I could salivate over. You wouldn't think so when you read the book, but yep, I would.

Crazy Wild = Tara Janzen (haven't missed one in the series yet!)

Flesh and Stone = Vickie Taylor

The first one in this series was called
Carved in Stone. Loved it so much, I bought the sequel!

Goddess of the Rose - P. C. Cast

Now this is a terriffic Beauty and The Beast story that is much more romantic than I've seen in a LONG time!

I've saved the best for last. I've been waiting for this book. Have had sneak peeks about it from very unusual sources. Was the wait worth it? Oh, YEAH!!! Was the book price worth it....well, I did go into sticker shock..but I recovered enough to own it...I just need to have it gold-plated now. And Framed in glass, with security lasers, LOL!!

MICAH = Laurrell K. Hamiton

I've always liked Micah. NOW? Oh yea...I LIKE Micah!!

So, that's my list, and I'm stickin' to it.
Happy reading everyone!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Final Feast of Fecetious Feline Folly

It has been pointed out to me that not everyone is a cat fan. However, some cats and their antics touch the "cute button" in all of us, which surprises those who are known for their indifference to kittydom. You may be indifferent to "cats" but not to CUTE... whose concept is universal.

Other people, who love and enjoy our feline companions not only turn to them in times of fun, but in times of need, for that rumbling purr, the head butt or the tail that wraps itself around your head only to leave strands of fur in your mouth...(**Achooo!**)
For those that take comfort, I dedicate this post to you.

I'll call this my :

CAT- 'O - TONIC post. Enjoy!

Some cats have to be dragged hissin' and spittin' to their baths.
For you visiters who aren't fond of the furballs,
I hope you don't feel the same way during your visit today.

After you bathe your pet, remember to put the setting on

Pure Stealth ....

The ultimate Ambush!!!!

Awwww, I'm too cute.....

Guess kitty found more than he bargained for ,

Tongue in cheek here, people.....
The caption,

The Cat who would be Wookie!!

The cat who needed therapy for PTSD.......

After posting this, I might need therapy too!
Have an awesome and cute day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A cat's meow -- the only warning between Me & Ow

Today, I am only going to post a few of these. There are so many, it would be easy to overwhelm.
Reviewing yesterdays post, I had these observations:
It was great viewing how grass can enhance a man's assets, not detract.
I had the most comments posted in quite awhile. ( I wonder why?)
There were surprises.
A few new visiters -- Very nice.
An I.D. for the CEO in the sexy pumps. (that floored me)
That the Macro/Mini kilt inspired positive feedback. (I'm still puzzled about that)

Today I decided to be catty. Again, along the vein of humor and insanity, I followed the word trail into mayhem.

I'm taking you along for the ride. Are you ready?

This says it all, LOL!
What did I plug in to find these? Fluffy Cats, Wet Cats and Cats in Toilets!!!! Aren't I great?

I have no idea how they got this action shot of the lively kitty, however, I'm glad they did. I Love It!

I've always wondered what they thought when they got wet and soapy.

Next is an "AWWWW" moment.

Can you believe the size of this moose? I've never seen one, close up or otherwise.

I believe one of my visiters has seen moose on more than one occasion. How lucky she is!
And how nerve wracking is must be!!!
Bullwinkle, he's NOT!

Didn't I mention insanity??

With that in mind....

Thanks for visiting and have a

Purrrfect day!

Monday, February 20, 2006

An unlikely journey into Wonder

Truly the title is very clear.
This is a journey most of us will unlikely take.
Once you view the following, you will wonder.
Wonder why I would even pursue this train of thought.
Wonder why most of these pictures work.
Wonder why it doesn't work for a civilized CEO. Indeed, anyone within the continental US.
We've gone away from our ancestral roots.
We've lost the connection to nature.
We are no longer primal.

And now, in the 21st Century, we strive to find the primal male inherent in our mates.
That part which qualifies as the Alpha. A man, no matter the clothing, who remains a man. I will present visual proof of my statement.
Clothes do not make the man if he were not man to begin with.

May I present: MEN IN SKIRTS

The Above are examples of men, although wearing Skirts, are in truth , men. I have no doubts. In fact, some are quite easy on the eye. I see the potential Alpha within them. I am drawn to the ancient allure.

Now, enter the 21st Century man.

What the hell happened????

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm not bonkers, just going bananas...

The internet is a wonderful tool.
You've heard about it.
You've used it.
You're here, aren't you?

As you noticed from my previous post. I enjoy the silly in life. Truly tasteful silliness is hard to find. I enjoy humor on TV, in movies and books. I'm no different than anyone else who visits me here. Lately, I've been cruising the 'net. A few have asked, " Where do I get those pics?"
The internet.
Just plug in words and see where they take you. Isn't that like writing? Word Magic.

While researching Dr. Seuss, I ended up with that cute kitty picture dressed in a frog costume. What does Dr. Seuss and a cat in costume have in common? My guess is Cat in the Hat. Seems logical.
So, I put in "banana".

May I pass along a piece of advice when you do such a thing?
Put on your filters for content.
Your eyes, brain and stomach will thank you.

I am dedicated to weeding out the tasteless to bring you fruitful enjoyment.
Let my seared brain, affronted eyes and shocked stomach not be in vain.
Please enjoy:

I found banana Royalty.

Banana that was driven up a wall.

Banana Man - Super Hero. Can someone tell me what in the world is Kimchee or Duk so I can be suitably impressed????

A true Bananamobile!! It would make the World of Richard Scarry proud!

Bananas .... international sensations!

Bananas - tools for anger management. Who knew?

Banana...**ahem** sculpture.
Can't leave out the "arts"

And lastly, my personal banana favorite. If bananas had a "hunk of the month", this would qualify. I mean, who needs the face? The Banana is the STAR!!!!!

In all seriousness folks, I meant what I said about puttig filters on. You never know what is going to pop up.

At the risk of affronting all of my dedicated readers and making you toss your bananas, allow a small shocking sample of what can sneak in the back door of an innocent "banana" inquiry.......

What the heck is a "barking moon bat??"
That was the caption.

I need my Rolaids!!!