Monday, October 31, 2005

How Do You Celebrate Halloween???


Yes, I'd really like to know. What are YOUR Halloween traditions that either you do now, or remember fondly from your past???

Me? That's easy. I feel very fortunate to be able to continue the "tradition" that I grew up with.

Back in MY day, kids would go door to door in the neighborhood. There was always the "house" no one wanted to walk by, so we ran instead. I remember clearly, the lady who didn't believe in candy and gave out nickles...that was cool. Always, the family or neighbors that we knew well would try to "guess" who the little Indian Princess, witch or vampire's were.
We came home LOADED!!

Now, the tradition continues in the neighborhood of a good friend of mine. I take my family and go with her's and we have a ball. Over the years, they now recognize us so the sense of belonging and community, borrowed though it may be, exists. Going to the Malls, Grocery Stores and even local Police Stations are well and good, and a sign of our times that they have replaced the "neighborhoods", but I'm happy to hear there are still pockets of old fashioned American Halloween celebrations with similar memories being made. For me, I'm glad I can pass that on to another generation.
Well, enough of the social comments. Onwards to Halloween sillies!!!


She had one explosive Halloween!

Think she was alone in the fracas?
Nope, click here to see her

Halloween Cohorts

This was just fun to see.

I love hot dogs.....however, these are especially irresistible. If cutie Halloween poochies are your Trick or Treat preference, Click on


Halloween humor. Do you have the time to laugh?For those of you going to parties this may want some entertaining anecdotes to share. I found a VERY funny site that has naughty but clean jokes, (well, to be honest there are a few....*cough* visuals *wink* that are not so clean ) and amazing pictures and, ....oh,... just laugh out loud entertainment. Interested? Please check out: OCTOBER JOKES

Examples: I'm a Libra so that means.....Libra is still standing in front of the closet trying to decide on a costume.
Check out the story of who has paranormal PMS!!!
And the final tease to get you to check out this site is for you to tell me What happens to the witch when her bra strap breaks?????

The only thing you'll win, however, is a Good Laugh!!!! But seriously, isn't that
worth it?

Here' s hoping that your not too tired this evening after
DRAGON your goody bags home!!!!!

OK, bad pun, I admit it...*grin*


Friday, October 28, 2005

You want to put WHAT up your nose???

What's up with the title you ask?
I'm pleased that you want to know.
Right now, I feel like I am in need of an olfactory bypass procedure.


I'm Stuffed up!!! I caught a blasted cold and it kept me up all night! Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is to sleep with a Box of Tissues? They don't make them in any shape that doesn't have freakin' points. They come in pretty scenic boxes, crocheted boxes, even novelty boxes..BUT THEY ALL HAVE POINTS!

Tried a roll of toilet paper instead. Brilliant idea, that.

You knock it off your side table in the middle of the night and you have to play follow the know, fumble around to grab the end, then re-roll what unrolled as it merrily shed itself in its momentum. Can a roll of toilet paper be merry? Sure the heck feels like it when it's 2:30 in the morning and you're vulnerable to the nefarious TP Gremlins.

That's when I had a Brilliant idea!

What could be brilliant at 2:30 in the MORNING?? Oh Boy! I could make millions with this!!!


Yes, I was thrilled to finally figure out a way to combat the embarrassing "nose thing" that happens when you have a cold induced stuffed schnozzle.(yes that IS a word)
Think about it. Tiny little things that fit "just right", so there won't be any more of those unexpected faucet drips. BUT! you say, what about the little tail?

Whilst it IS true that there will be those of us out there that will be a little to vigorous in....placement,. (The ENT MD's are gonna love this extra job security) there is that cute little pull tab to mention. It could be made of thread encased in coiled metal, either in gold or silver (like a nose ring, see? ), and attached at the end could be an ADORABLE little sticky thing....butterflies, anchors, skulls, poodles....that will attach to the outside of your nostril with an adhesive similar to those BREATHE-RITE strips that snorers are pressured into wearing for the sanity of their bedmates.
YES! I have thought it out.

We even could have them in C O L O R S !!!

Of course we have to have a disclaimer of where NOT to put them.
Some people are easily confused.....*sigh*

I was so proud of my brilliance , I logged right onto the internet to make my dream of millions a reality.
Imagine my horror, my dispair, my bad-ass luck when I saw THIS!!!

I'm not the first to think of it!!!!!


*sniffle*, Does someone have a tissue???

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Blog leaves you Agog

I was visiting LaRa's site and she has two posts that made my jaw drop to the floor.
I found them incredibly funny.....Laugh until you end up on the floor , funny. BUT, a
Friendly warning.....please do NOT and I do repeat, NOT look if you , in any way, are easily offended by suggestive content. I guess it more than suggests, it smacks you in the face with it. *giggle* Clink on the "NAUGHTY" and the "Blows Your Mind"

Again, only if you are OK with "that" type of humor.

However, links for just cute or creatively funny I have so everyone can find something today that might appeal.....not always easy to do....

OH, um...this link goes to a page of links. I guess, if you are squeemish about rabbits may want to pass..if not ....THINGS ON RABBITS!! It's a list of JPG links to the pictures. OH, I've not viewed them if there is a shocker in there...let me know. Truthfully, someone had some MAJOR time on their hands.....
.*shakes head*

Lastly, a flavor of Halloween...Costumes

That's my blog for today.
Happy blog hopping and I hope one of these things appeals to you. TTFN

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Smile, Kelli!!!

I was visiting a fellow blogger who had a tale to tell.

I almost wish I could be a fairy godmother...but you know those Sidhe, be careful what you wish for. So, in lieu of magic powers, I'm dedicating this post to Kelli.
Remember the old "Calgon, Take me away!" commercial? Takes more than bubbles to work that kind of mojo. So, reader, humor me today. I'd like to give Kelli an Orlando moment. *Ahem*

Mr. Orlando Bloom hears a story that really touches him. He has a plan.

The phone rings at Kelli's house. There are days when it seems like it never stops. After a hard day of trying to help her students, even those that are clueless as to what a treasure she is...sometimes it gets to her and when that happens,
all she wants to do is just shut the world away and blog with her fellow bloggers. However, being the dedicated and responsible professional she is, she dutifully trudges to the phone.

"Hi Kelli! Heard you needed a pick-me-up. Anything I can do to help?"

"Who IS this?"
"Oh!", sheepish masculine chuckle,"Sorry...I was just thrilled to get you on the phone. It's me, Orlando Bloom."

"NO!" gasps Kelli breathlessly.

"Yes!" Orlando laughs. "I'm sure my call comes as a surprise, but I really appreciate teachers and the work they do. You are a hero in my eyes. It's one of the reasons I posed for the Reading Program posters"
"Hey, I've seen those. You, uh, looked really good with a book."

He laughs again. "Thanks, Kelli. Hey, I'd really like to take you away for an evening. Show you a real good time, you know, in appreciation for all you do., What do you say?"
Kelli, holds the phone away and looks at it. Can it be real?
"Yes! I can't think of anything better! ", she thinks for a moment, "How should I dress?"
"Hmmm" ,Orlando muses, " I guess it depends on what we want to do.

We could go for a ride.

We could go swimming , using my yacht to get there.

Or just a night on the town. What do you think?"

Kelli, thinks for a bit and makes her decision. "All of the above!"

With a smile in his voice, Orlando replied, " Then that's what we'll do! Get Ready Kelli, because I'm picking you up in 2 hours. Don't worry about directions, I've got it covered. Get ready for the time of your life!"
Kelli replaces the phone, walks on pure euphoria towards her room. Orlando was coming to take her away.....for a night...just him and her. Life is GREAT!!!! And you know what? She's really, REALLY glad she's a teacher.

And who knows how the night will end....?

Who says that wishes don't come true?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Michele's Google World

Although there are quite a few meme's going around that I've only seen and not participated in, I decided to do one of my own, based upon what I've seen. I'm taking "Google yourself" and trying a few variations:

Michele Wants:
Michele wants to do 40 things, including seeing Barry Manilow.......Yeah, I guess so, but to list that FIRST?!! No way! #1- meet hunky men!
Michele wants to visit 2 places. Australia· Italy Yes, what a great idea! (to meet hunky men)
Michele wants to compete with professional male golfers. *sigh* Stroke for Stroke, oh Yeah...
Michele wants a makeover to help her go from "Ken to Barbie." Whoa!! I'm Barbie already!!
Michele wants you! Hmmm, well, that depends if you are an ALPHA male., remember I'm a Barbie!....LOL.
Michele wants to make sure that we're not losing too much weight Heh, like THAT's a problem?
Michele wants decadence. Why YES!, how did you know??

Change it to: Michele Kisses and I get:
Michele kisses Giorgetta pass on this one..

Change it to: Michele Listens to:
Michele listens to the sun Interesting how do I DO that???
Michele listens to what her clients say Only if it is something good...
Michelle listens to the recorded phone message from the terrorists This one kind of freaked me out...great if you are an author and it is a device in a storyline......
Michelle listens, takes action, and delivers Oh, yeah, superhero, that's me!

The classic Google and the one that you DO see everywhere is
Michele Needs:
Michelle needs to learn to be more careful with her Voodoo.*giggle* yeah, gotta be careful where I put that pin!
Michele needs to write another book SOON Another?! I've got to finish the first one!
Michele needs help adjusting her body regularly Do I EVEN want to know what I need to "adjust?"
Michele needs more than just some chick licking her p*ssy, **Gag! Sputter!** I left this one in just for the bug-eyed factor.

The last one seemed to bring forth an avalanche of choices...
Michele has:
Michele has a great idea how to counter PETA's latest offensive anti-meat bullshit Hmmm, I do like my bloody steak every now and again...must be the Vamp in me.
Michele has appeared in several TV shows Aw, shucks....
Michele has been a Star Wars fan since the first time she saw the film No Truer words than this....amazing!
Michele has a good point. The planets seem to be aligning for malign purposes Well OF COURSE!! Halloween is next week!
Michele has been on a virtual flying lap ????? What is a flying lap?
'Michele has a sense of humor! You bet!
Michelle has no integrity at this point in her life. Huh! Good thing I have a sense of humor!
Michele has the most beautiful head and proud carriage Oh Pshaw! *flutter the lashes*
Michele has great legs, because they're not hairy! Ooookay *ahem*
Michele has far too many clothes WHAT?!! You can NEVER have too many clothes...
Michele has unbridled energy, passion, and enthusiasm *grin* I Blog, therefore I Am........

So, what do you think???? What have YOU Googled about yourself.??? I'd love to visit and see the results.....
Oh, by the way...have you ever noticed that when you type the word "results" and your fingers go faster than your brain, you type "resluts"? That happens to me alot. Should I be worried??? *giggle*
Have an awesome day!!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

My Proxy Kitty!!!!!

Hey, It worked!! Blogger allowed me to post these adorable cats.

This is actually my little sis's cat....but everyone else seems to have kitty pictures and I wanted to contribute at least

here is Chocolate Chip.

Isn't he adorable????

The kitty with the pink nose is......

Hey, my nephews named them. So, these are my feline contributions. I hope you think they are as cute as I do.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Back to hitting the books

Yes, I do enjoy Robin D. Owen's Heart series. I've read all that she's written so far.
She's starting a new one, the first of which is the book pictured here, Guardian of Honor. When I first saw the cover, I dismissed it as being a young adult book. Passed it by.

Silly me.
Serve up generous heaping plate of humble pie.

This book is really a great read!
Robin is world building again..and you know what? This one read better than the first book in the Heart series.

Would I recommend it? .... no hesitation here..Yes, I do.
The romance is a slow build; very satisfying and complete. The main characters are Alexa and Bastien. The secondary characters are important too. There's nothing in this story that doesn't work. I look forward to the next book out in 2006. Yes, so VERY far away. But, I believe it will be well worth the wait. There are more hunky men to write about..woohoo!

BTW - I blogged to her...the fairy being is pronounced
Fey-coo-coo. I was a little distracted by that throughout the book. I figure, if that's my only complaint....*shrug*, then she's got another winner. *grin* Like that's a big surprise??

The other book, Dead Beat by Jim Butcher is so excellent it's kind of scary.
There is not much romance in this series and you know if you've visited me in the past, that Harry Dresden is not my usual reading habit. What is the draw?

It's a great story. I like the character of Harry Dresden. I am NEVER bored or lose interest when I read this series.

In this one, there are so many surprises and treats for the reader. My gosh, this man's imagination astounds me. I keep hoping for a romance for Harry though, I mean, we've been teased with the possibility for the last 4 books. In this one, I thought for sure it was going to happen...Wow, was I in for a surprise. Things are not what they seem...hint, hint..

The secondary characters have a growth spurt in this story as well. The world building around Harry Dresden, Wizard for Hire, is an amazing work in progress and Mr. Butcher is up to the task. If you are looking for something different in paranormal fiction, then Jim Butcher delivers. Besides, its fun! And you know what? Look at the cover of this book. I've had a nebulous mind picture of Harry....but NOW, I know who I want to model him after...and if ever any of the Harry Dresden books becomes a movie...this is who I want to play him.....

I mean, look at the Hat, the Black coat, the LOOK.

Hugh would make an awesome, sexy, I'd do anything for him,
kind of Harry Dresden Wizard. Of course, in the books ,I'd end up dead like all those guys in the red shirts on the old Star Trek series, LOL!

There's always some type of body count by the end of a Dresden book.

Hugh made a great Van Helsing the stretch isn't far at all.
Oh, I just get the chills when I imagine the possiblities... yum....
This is my book update. I've got some good ones in my TBR pile , but with Halloween coming up, I'm going to be a little distracted. Therefore, I end today's post with....

Whatever you are doing, Where ever you are.....May your Muse Amuse!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Am Goober Pottysquirt!!!!!

That's my new name as of today's visit to Kelli's blog.

So, What's YOUR name?
Please visit her site and let me know......KELLI!

This was too funny to keep to quiet about.

Of course, If I have to have a name like Pottysquirt, I at least can do it in style!!!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Take a quick peek!

I like to visit other blogs. Every now and again, I find one that just tickles the funny bone.
Please let me know if you find this humorous....I did.... Humor in NZ
In fact, I would love to hear about other people's version of typing sex.
How would YOU write it???

Or this little GEM

I'm eating Cat Poop!!!.....cookies that is. I'm making them too....and I'm not even a were-panther!! Don't believe me? Here's HOW

And last , but not least...for Halloween, I found this site of naughty, sexy pumpkins just waiting to be viewed by you......... will you be brave and check them out???? PUMPKINS!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

What a Wash Out! So what???

I've returned from the land of Everrain. Ever hear of it? It's the place that is a vacation destination. Once you arrive there, it rains, all day, everyday... it rains. Not a drizzle, not a gentle mist, nor a sporadic drop from a passing cloud; no, it pours in torrents, drenches, floods and saturates anything and anyone foolish enough to walk out their door or leave their car; Rain. All. The. Time. Everrain a/k/a Cape Cod, Massachusetts. That's where I went. I do not have gills, I do not have feathers with that glossy stuff that allows moisture to bead and roll of off my back..I am a human. I was a very wet and bedraggled human. Am I glad to be back home? No.
A rainy day on vacation is better than a great day at; pick, home, grocery shopping, get the point.

Yes , I took pictures..... at least they are dry.

This is what I saw from the motel room. Like I said; dreary, wet and uninspiring.

However, I could throw a stone and hit the water, so at night, the sound of the crashing waves was therapeutic.
That is how close the room is. A stone's throw away.
I wish I'd brought a recorder so I could take the sound of the waves with me. *sigh*

The last day......the sun rises.
The SUN, mind you.
On the LAST day........*shakes head*

This is the same view from my room, but now with the clarity of the sun's rays, the view looks cheerier, more crisp and inviting.
The power of the sun!!

I was able to get in one game of Pirate's Cove mini-golf- it actually stopped raining for , heart be still, 40 whole minutes!! I believe that equals the time it took to get out of the car, pay admission and play to the 4th hole. The last 14 holes were played in the rain. Thank goodness for the pirate caves!

The day with no sun.....but with a 40 minute respite from the rain, allowed me to take a quick jaunt to the beach. (before the brilliant golf idea) There was an 18 inch eroded embankment . In all the years I've been going here, I've never seen it eroded this bad!

Here....see the disturbed sand? That is where I slipped....didn't fall, thank you very much....
So, in my A through E quiz, I asked what you thought I did on the beach.
I'll tell you. I walk and look for shells. I look for seaweed to take home...yes, it CAN smell. But, I'm used to the BROWN, flat kind. Not what those stormy waves dropped....deep green, Absolutely, hold your nose with a clothes-pin, smelly , who knows What kind of seaweed(?), seaweed. Ungh!

Shells mixed with that stuff was a definite No-No. I was empty of shells this trip...

Can't sunbathe without the sun. Well, you could in a way....but Man! Its' chilly.

Then, on top of the smelly green stuff that was so bountiful that it resembled a grass covered beach , (recollect it's VERY smelly grass) I find this lovely little momento washed ashore for a crystal-clear environmental statement. Some one, Somewhere, was having a Bud-lite. Drinking does not make a person ecologically smart....duh.

So, here's the scene I was hoping for my entire vacation. Sunlight, surf, wind in my face, salt spray misting my glasses and the beauty that only nature provides.

Am I glad to be back?

I missed you guys.