Thursday, March 30, 2006

Heads up on a New Author Blog!!

I'm hoping that I have the honor of being one of the first readers blogs to say all things good and exciting about a new blog site by a wonderful group of authors, one of which I've mentioned here before ....
Emma Holly!!

The CosmoChix Blog Check it out!

Author's Listed are:

Michele Hauf
Michelle Buonfiglio
Emmah Holly
Lois Greiman
Cynthia Williams
Betina Krahn

So have some fun. Drop by to say HI! and Welcome!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Good Question!

I decided to answer it in a post.

What is Fish Salt?

It is a product that I use to help maintain fish health.
Everytime I do a water change I have to add some. I was out. How I ended up buying books in addition to this all important ingredient has me puzzled. Must have been that ol' Carpathian compulsion thing. LOL

I have to share this too. On MySpace, I was delightfully woo'ed by a 29 yr old guy who ADORES older women.

He said, "Your age is but a number. You are still young yet and I'd like to show you how I appreciate your being a lady."

Woot! That was a smooth little line. But as a keeper of things that swim, wouldn't you say his intent might be a little, oh, I don' t know ....., "FISHY?"

I Might consider oogling, appreciating and otherwise wishing I were an artist or sculptor if, and I mean a BIG "if", said 29 yr old guy was a lost beached merman....... who had the need of someone to show him what to do with that little, teeny towel........ Oh My!!!

I bet HE knows where fish salt comes from! *wink*

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Shopping Surprise

I had to go pick up more Fish Salt last night.
Something, perhaps a compulsion, steered me towards the book aisle. I had just been there three days ago, what could have changed? What was there that hadn't been before?

I could have counted the seconds on two hands before my eyes were grabbed by the dragon. My heart rate spiked in glorious anticipation. My hand darted out in a quick motion of eagerness and intent. The dragon was MINE! What dragon you may ask?

DARK DEMON by Christine Feehan!!

I stayed up to 1:20AM but couldn't finish , so I got up later in the AM 7:15 and finished it about 9AM. I couldn't finish it when I liked, and I didn't want to stop, but you know, I have to sleep Sometime!

That wasn't the only treasure I found. Oh no!

As I was turning to leave, I glanced upwards to the top shelves. Harlequin Blazes were on display. I was looking for only ONE name. I've been looking for it what must amount to weeks! As I was about to give gaze snagged on a fan. A golden fan with little red streamers billowing out. Where have I seen that before???

It hit me! The light bulb did its glowing brightly until it popped routine.
Jill!! Jill Monroe's Blog!
Share The Darkness by Jill Monroe

She had posted this pic on her blog when the cover first came out. And the FAN is what was in my mind. Retrieving it enabled me to recognize that THIS was the book I had been looking for. Being so high up in the shelves, I couldn't see her name, but the FAN!.. that was a different story.

The Point ? For any author who wonders whether or not blogs are marketing tools or not. Allow me to answer it by saying YES! An effective tool without which I would not have picked up on the fact that I was looking straight at her book. Had it not been for her post, who knows WHEN I would have found it again.

She's a smart cookie!

The last thing I did before I left that wonderful place of magic ended up as being my taking a chance on a new author and book.
Ever hear of Dawn Thompson and the book The Waterlord?
Its a romance about a Fossegrim. What is a Fossegrim?? Has anyone read this yet? Anyone know much about this author? I'm very curious because the back cover blurb sounded intriguing!! I hope it's as delicious as the front cover. I'm a sucker for waterfalls!

My wish for you today is:
When it is your turn to shop, I hope that it will not be just a CHORE , but an adventure .... and as with any good adventure, may you find a treasure close to your heart!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

A different kind of BIG

Wow! The response to the last post was simply amazing. Thank you to all who took time to comment and/or razz me for my inattention to details. LOL.

I'm staying in the same vein for this post, but along a softer line and tone. I speak of the sport of wrestling.

I no longer watch wrestling. I used to. I thought it great theater; full of fun, physical prowess and a ballet of brutish and aggressive genius.
My icons at the time were :

Sgt. Slaughter,

Rowdy Roddy Piper,

Andre the Giant and of course, the most esteemed, Hulk Hogan. They were part of what was then known as the WWF -before copy rights became an issue and they had to change their acronym. Wrestlers are another variation of BIG - not just in body size, but in attitute, ego, persona and marketing. I have no idea what the wrestlers of today are like, or even, who they are. If one were to compare the wrestlers of my youth to todays, how would the current "stars" measure up?

I invite people ''in the know'' to educate me.

Be that as it may, I'd like to share a couple of thoughts about Hulk Hogan.

To start, he had style. For the most part, he was cast as a hero. He was able to bank on that status and he struck while the "iron was hot" , so-to-speak.

He Made MOVIES! Remember this one? It truly is the precursor to
The Pacifier with Van Diesel. Really!
Mr. Nanny came first. The premise is the same. Father- a genius who creates a super chip that the government (and all the other evil governments) want. Has kids to protect. Call in a BIG guy to do the next to impossible deed. Kids and Protecter have some SERIOUS bonding issues..hence the start of halarity. Sound familiar?

I've watched both and I have to think: Wrestler vs. Navy SEAL , hmmmmm. Is bigger better?

I mean, even Andre the Giant made a movie, Remember
The Princess Bride? He was perfect! I believe he passed away not too long after. What a shame. He truly was a gentle giant. Is there anyone in the current wrestling arena that comes close???

Wrestlers from my youth surely had style, class and were bankable beyond the WWF, how do the wrestlers of today fare?

AND, Is bigger still better?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Big Post About Being Too Big

I've been prodded by Tanya (Thanks! **grin**) and reminded that I should post. Actually, I've wanted to for the past two days, but as with most of my posts, I want to have pictures. Blogger is not letting me. Very frustrating!

This evening, finally, it looks like it might cooperate.

My position or question is,

When is BIG Too Big??

Look at this guy? Is this the epitome of male perfection?

This is another gentleman who I found under "Big Muscle Bondage"

Look at his hands! His Biceps! Those manacles are what I envision Vikings of old to have on their arms ... markers of warriors. OR... Ooooh, this just hit me as I was writing this! Have you EVER read L. A. Banks Vampire Huntress series. This guy is PERFECT as one of her vamps who has "bulked" for battle. They are known to enlarge their bodies to massive proportions to intimidate and overpower their enemies. This guy qualifies. I just finished The Damned today. Man! Can that woman write. I was on the edge of my seat and when Carlos .... oh Wow... I was breathing heavy reading when he. ... I can't give it away ... it's to visual. Too hot. Too disturbing. L.A. Banks is not for the faint of heart. Believe me! This man in the picture would be my Ideal of either Carlos or Yonnie. Anyone who has read the series...give me your thoughts!

Now I realize that these two men show one aspect of "big". They strove towards the goal , the drive with intent, focus and hard work to get those results. The other is just, big. Human nature big.

Not to leave you with scarred corneas ... but there are various interpretations of Large, Big and Super sized. Tell me... why is one better than the other? Or, are they really? Aren't they two sides of the same coin?

I wish this little pic was a touch bigger. He falls into the mid-ground. Big - but balanced, acceptable.

Well, folks? What are your opinions. When is BIG too Big??

ps. Why- with all those blown up and built up muscles is the one muscle that so much is written about -remains untouched, unaffected and unremarkable?? Can someone Please Explain That???

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Last Day of Kitty Sitting -Where did the time go?

Many thanks for all those that visited me today ! My blog was down for quite awhile and for a time, I truly thought there was a chance that all the blogs I've done for the last 9 months went up with a puff of cyber-smoke. What a relief to open my blog and see not only my site back up,. but lovely, wonderful, appreciated COMMENTS! Thanks everyone! :-)

Yes, today was day #9. The days flew! I have a few more pics of the lovely Gypsy. The amazing thing was that yesterday and today, she didn't hiss once! I think I grew on her, LOL!

She REALLY seems to get into Gameboy!
She even went so far as to give the thing Kitty Kisses!

A close up to remember her by.
She has the longest, daintiest whiskers, doesn't she?

She was SO affectionate yesterday. She was rubbing against the furniture, cabinets and most especially US!! LOL... I guess feet in socks were really appealing. She spent quite a few minutes investigating these cute feet ... alternately sniffing and rubbing. Isn't that precious??

**Major SIGH**
I really enjoyed the 9 days of kitty sitting, taking pictures and sharing them with you. I didn't even mind changing the poopy box . Really! It was the coolest device! A big plastic box all contained.. You just had to tilt it and the nuggets were sifted into this neat little tray. Not once did I have to touch anything "gross". What an awesome invention!!! I had no idea cool stuff like that was out there. Not that I like doing "poop" chores ... but it was as painless as anyone could make it. Pure Genius!

Well, here's hoping you enjoyed Gypsy and her antics with us visiting humans.
I hope all your "poopy moments" in life, are equally painless and quick to deal with!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy St. Partrick's Day to You!

All things Irish, From Sports, to Symbols to Art to Handsome Irish Men ... Do I have it all covered? Have a wonderful day! And that's no Blarney! LOL !

I hope this post works. My site was down for most of last night and today because of some glitch with a certain part of Blogger.

I guess I was a victim of Blarney!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


My neighbors have trusted me with 9 days of kitty care for their little precious cutie.
I'll be honest..I have NEVER cared for a female cat. Only males were allowed in our home when I was growing up. She is quite different. Her name is Gypsy. And she gives insight as to why us females are accused of having "Hissy Fits", because she is the Queen!
I've never heard so many hisses in 3 days alone.

She's happy- Hiss, Don't get near my food dish - HISS, She's having SO much fun purring- Hiss! I'm walking across the room - HISS, She walks in front of my leg as I'm walking and bounces off of my shin - Double Hiss! She's falling off the couch from too much scratching - Hiss/Whoops! **giggle**

I'm laughing the whole time. My kids who were first excited and were very Disney-fied in their understanding of cats, have had a crash course in domestic animal reality. They freaked when they could see that I was about to get scratched. I had given them a lesson the day before. When a purring cat suddenly turns onto their back - Watch out! It's PLAY TIME!
Today, I had my coat on , so I pulled the sleeve down to cover my arm. I just stuck my finger past the fabric and continued scratching under her chin. My kids were jumping up and down, No MA! Stop MA! She's going to Scratch! She's going to attack!
"Yep.... she sure is", I grinned. Sure enough, Miss Mercurial didn't disappoint. Sooner than you can blink an eye, she went from purring to twisting with a hiss and started batting at my arm. Tappity Tappity Swatt Swatt. I bounced my arm on the couch and she attacked again..hissed (again) , jumped off the couch and went back to eat some more.
I'm laughing and having fun. My kids are looking at me as if they can't decide if I'm certifiable or one Uber-Brave Mom.

See this pic. It's Awesome! Why? because she's giving some lovin' to this great book I just started reading,
Bitten and Smitten by Michelle Rowan.

Could Gypsy have picked a better book to get into???

Look at her face. It is a speaking face. It's eloquent, queenly and confident.

It is also a " Don't EVEN !" kind of expression.

Remember, click on the pic to get the full effect of her eyes.

Don't you get the feeling that a Hiss is coming???


Gypsy was in scratching heaven here. I stopped to take her pic and it almost seems as though she's reaching out to say..Hey! More!

This is right before I went back to giving good scratch and she rolled off the couch!! LOL!

Just in case anyone was wondering if she was perturbed by her short free-fall, here she is after the ride. I sat on the couch, she jumped up and promptly went up side down!!! See? That brown thing is the side of my leg.
She wanted to play!!


So, folks, Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share my only Kitty Sitting gig.
Isn't life grand?

Monday, March 13, 2006

I LOVE Brawny Men!!!

Yes! I am finally going to do the post that Judson so nicely inspired. I have had a hard time trying to do justice to this post. I was just chatting with Savannah on IM when the one I picked finally loaded. (it took 45 minutes for me since I have that blasted Dial-up connection) I was in girly awe!!! Sorry Savannah for the interruption!

Good gravy! I had no idea this site even existed. What fun!
I have to be honest though. Sitting through some of these scenarios made me squirm. (in a good, blushing and disconcerted way)
I never thought a man could look so HOT in plaid!! I mean, I'm used to Jeff Foxworthy or the Cable Guy.... but the BRAWNY guy? Woohoo!

The one that took the cake was this last one..a custom choice...The Warm Welcome, A Spider! and Ten Tired Toes --OMGOSH!!! I want those feet to be mine. I do not have a person in my house *ahem* that will go near a foot, even to massage it. To see a man WANT to do that....I squirm with titillation. In another choice, when he spoke French in that low toned, casual, sexy, sultry .......

Oh! Gee, here I am going all agog and gooey and you have NO IDEA what I am talking about!!

Please -- for pure female pleasure and glee, check out


Remember, when he's looking at you, he's looking into your eyes.... and you can't turn away ... no matter HOW it makes you feel....
I viewed "Buyer's Remorse"..oh how I wish I had that response from my DH..ALL. The. Time.
I also chose "Your Hair -It's perfect"
And "Happy Birthday"..


I will Never, Ever look at Brawny paper towels quite the same again.....

That being said, you have to tell me which scenario YOU picked! Come one...I shared mine, didn't I??

Blogger went back up so I could post MY version of Man in Plaid.... What do you think???

Have fun!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A different kind of fur

This is a quick post. I'm still working on the challenge handed to me by Judson. I hope he doesn't give up on me!!

I just wanted to share some more fur. I've always thought that I'd like one as a pet. No longer, but I still think that they are cute. What do you think?

Everyone, all together now .. AWWWW!!!!!

Nice Hat!

It's HIP to be pink.

OR .....

A Royal Persian Angora chinchilla

Aren't these critters adorable?

What I didn't expect to see was THIS!!!

I prefer my chinchillas, wild, free and ALIVE!
Thank you very much.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I got tagged by LaRa !!

For those that visited and saw my last post. I hope I didn't shock you too much with the size. That was a first. I appreciate all the comments. Believe me.

Now, onto today's special tag, courtesy of LaRa

Target of Perfect Partner:

Male - duh! Really! ((LaRa put that in and I thought it was SO perfect))

Before I continue, I need to clarify. This meme seems to be geared towards a future life partner. I've had mine for 20+ years now. When I was a teenager, I had made my own list of attributes regarding the Perfect Man for Me. I remember it to this day.

My perfect partner:

1. Would be Taller than me. (that was a BIG requirement of mine)
2. Have a nicely furred chest. *sigh*
3. Have a shorter last name than my maiden one.
4. Could pick me up and carry me like I was weightless **swoon**
5. Was "knowledgeable" **wink**
6. Would have a sense of fun and daring
7. Would have pride in appearance and hygiene (man, did he look good in 3 piece suits!)
8. Possessive without being overbearing or stifling **my alpha**

[[Believe it or not, many, if not most, of my teenage dreams and wishes came true. I'll let you imagine which they might be :-) ]]

Now for me to do some tagging!

Brandy !!
Tanya !!
Annalee !!!
Trista !!
Kelli !!

Have a wonderful Thursday all you who visit today!!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

MEGA LONG POST Do not read if only zipping through

This hit me as wonderful point to make about those "bodice ripper" covers with the handsome half dressed hunk with man boobies so defined they hurt the eye.

On my MySpace site, I've been playing with words. I started doing this on my other blog, but it quickly spiraled into a dedication to Man Candy - I find it hard to stop. The purpose was to find a picture and prove the ol' cliche - A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS. Up until two days ago, I hadn't been able to do it. I finally hit my stride. Eureka! This is a full 2200+ word extravaganza based on one - ONE picture.

I had already sent this to my sister. This was her response:

"When I read a story, I want to fall in love with the guy too....I was reading the story and crying for Ursuline to run for her life. That's just nasty. But the story was really good. I think you do really have a talent.".

Interesting, yes? Not so much the compliment, (*grin*, she's my sister, of course she'd be supportive, LOL) but the fact that the picture DID influence how she saw the male focus of the story. I found that fascinating!! I've been hearing an incredible amount of buzz in the blogosphere that the covers are passe`, tacky or unwanted. There is a push for drawings or caricatures of people. But hunky models being old hat? I don't think so!

Bear in mind that this is not written for any kind of accuracy. Fun doesn't have to be. However, the females name is actually "a member of a teaching order of nuns founded in Italy in 1535." I just liked the way it sounded as a female name.

That being said, here is my little story. You be the judge.

Addison Gauss was disgusted; with himself, with his life and his so-called friends. Trying to blend in was not going the way he'd hoped. Joining the little known PBCC was his friends' exercise in humor, at Addison's expense. Looking at all the people and media crowding the beach he now realized what a joke it all was but he wasn't laughing.

He scowled while he reached up to tug at the grotesquely heavy chain supporting the over sized cross he had been assured was neccesary to wear. Sure, Addison was a big guy. All the males in his family were. It was a source of pride to his pater and matri. Out here, on the outside, his size was not revered but reviled. He wished he'd remembered that before Jeremy and Carl had conviced him that the Polar Bear Christian Coalition was a great opportunity to mingle incognito with other like minded people. Damn outside politics.

Addison felt a tap on his shoulder. It was the hairless man he'd seen with the blue tinted sunglasses also wearing a cross and chain, although his was thinner. Point taken.

"Hey, man! Isn't this awesome? Are you with the first group into the water?"

"Why do you think I'm going first?" Addison was only vaguely curious. His mind was preoccupied with the uncomfortable fact that his black speedo was speeding the blood away from vital parts.

"Well, you're perfect, man. I mean, look at all that extra covering, not to mention the size of your chain."

Addison's eye's narrowed, his back stiffened and his gut tightened in a familiar preparatory motion. Speaking slowly, he said in graveled voice, "Extra covering?".

The man laughed. "Oh yea, I bet all that hair is like an extra coat. You ain't going get the brunt of that water. I heard it was bitchin' cold, man. I don't know if I wanna to turn into a giant goose bump." The guy chuckled. " By the way, the name's Hart Carson. Actually, I'm really Hartly, but I hate it. Hardly Hartly is what my jerk cousins call me, but what do they know, eh?"

Addison's mind spun. The man called Hart was the most verbose male he'd ever had the misfortune to meet. However, all that prattle had done one thing. It had calmed Addison down considerably and he found he could view his situation with more humor that he'd thought possible.

"Good to meet you, Hart. I'm named Addison Gauss."

A commotion on the beach grabbed both men's attention. It was the PBCC's spokesperson announcing that the first wave of Polar Bear contestants identified by the wearing of crosses should approach the water line. They were being instructed to remove their borrowed decor and return them to his assistant.
"Ah!" thought Addison, "that's why Carl had insisted on my wearing this." His thoughts were interrupted by Hart's explosive, "Why that little minx! I'm gonna dunk her first, see if I don't." Hart started scanning the crowd around them, searching in amused frustration.

"Hey, Hart. Who or what are you talking about? " His own eyes searching the ambling crowd as it neared the waterline.

"Ursuline, my pain-in-the-ass older sister. She told me the thinner chain meant I was to be in the second wave. You know, the one's with the opportunity to back out? She lied to me!"

Addison snorted," Isn't that what sisters do?"

Hart grinned, " Spoken like a true tormented sibling." At that moment Addison noticed a movement going against the crowd's push towards the water. He pointed Hart's attention in that direction. He nodded."There she blows! Come on, Addison. I'll introduce you to the beast."

Addison took a handful of steps and stopped. Rushing towards him and Hart was the most fetching sight his jaded eyes had seen in a decade of moons. Hart had called her "a beast"? By goddess, she was exquisite!

"Hart! Hart! Hey there, Bro! Are you ready? You're up!" Ursuline laughingly jogged up to Hart and gave him a quick hug. "Come on! Don't be a slacker."
"Ursa, you little shit. You tricked me!" She gave him a cheeky grin.

"Yeah, well, you know how paybacks work." She gave him a coy smirk and shrugged. Her eyes strayed over to Addison and found his gaze fixed on her. His brown eyes reflected the sunlight in sparkling splendor. It was as if they glowed and shimmered from within. Ursuline was captivated without understanding why. She felt touched physically, caught. How curious.

"Addison, this is my sister, Ursa." Hart looked over and started reaching for his chain. " More later, heads-up folks, we're next!"

The PBCC assistant was suddenly in front of them with a collection basket for the discarded chains. Addison and Hart hurriedly tossed theirs in. As Ursuline reached for her chain, Addison's gaze slid from her eyes to the bodice of her swimsuit. Her grey eyes shifted into a knowing gaze as she slowly lifted the chain over her head, the movement upthrusting her generous breasts into prominence. She slowly smiled as she noticed Addison's throat swallowing convulsivly with excited anticipation.

"Damn, I hate speedos", Addison thought to himself as he found himself helpless in stopping his body's reaction to her. It seemed the more he gazed, the greedier he became. Realizing that his view of her bounty would be his undoing he turned and became the vanguard of the Polar Bears. With a primal roar, he swiftly charged with surprising agility and speed into the chilled surf of the Atlantic. Addison dove into an oncoming wave then popped up again with a exclaimed "Whoop!" and laughed a deep belly laugh of pure male satisfaction.

He wasn't alone for long. Inspired by his fearless entry, hordes of Polar Bear wannabes joined in the goosebump inducing antics. Screams and laughter surrounded him as people reacted to the icy ocean waters. Hart and Ursuline joined him in splashing glee.

Addison was in his element. Truly, the cold didn't bother him. It was almost normal and reminded him of home in the mountains; fishing the salmon runs with his Pater and Matri, his brothers and sisters; crossing the rivers filled with the runoff from the mountain's melting snow. He glanced over to the sqealing Ursuline. Hart was doing his best to dunk her for tricking him. Addison grinned. "Hey, you guys! Race you back ashore!" Ursa rose to the challenge, " You're on!" She immediately turned and started a strong breast stroke.

Addison suddenly felt his hair raising on the back of his nape. A chill raced up his spine that had nothing to do with the temperature of the water. He cocked his head, listening. His eyes darted and skimmed over the other participants in the PBCC swim. The screaming from some of the swimmers had changed in nature and pitch. Addison's reaction was instantaneous. "Hart", get ashore. Now!"

"What?" Hart looked around him and realized the danger. "Oh my God! Ursa!" He started wildly chopping at the water, heading for his sister who at that moment, was on an intercept course with a streamlined shadow cruising just under the surface of the ocean. Addison caught up and grabbed him on the shoulder. Steering him towards a different angle and direction towards the shore he growled close to his ear," I'll get her, Hart. Trust me. I'm more than just a big guy. I don't carry this weight around for nothing."

Hart took precious time to stare into the brown eyes of the man, who until an hour ago, was a stranger. In whose depths was the courage of a protector. A man with the heart of a bear who believed in and lived to defend those he called friends. Hart chose the path of ultimate trust and nodded, "Get her, Addison." and turned toward shore.

Ursuline sensed something was off. Water was in her ears, in her eyes and made it difficult to assess what was different. Whatever it was, it was chilling her to the bone. The noise, the splashing; it wasn't what she and Hart were doing earlier. She sensed a panic behind it. With this realization came the sobering fact that she was right in the middle. There was danger and she couldn't see it coming. Striking out again towards shore, she felt the sandy bottom of the ocean floor with her toes. The knowledge gave her a sense of relief. Surely she'd be safe in the shallow waters.

No such luck. Ten feet away a woman screamed in hysterics. Ursa was able to stand now and couldn't see or understand what the commotion was all about. Turning to face the shrieking woman, she debated going to help when a dark, glistening triangle started slicing the gentle swells, heading in her direction. Ursa stilled. "Oh, no way!" She couldn't move. Helplessly paralyzed by her fear, breathe caught in her throat, she couldn't even scream. She was going to die! Only one word reverberated in her shocked brain, "shark." As impossible as it should have been, there was no denying the shape and form of the predator bearing down on her.

From behind Ursuline a roar and a splash of immense proportions startled her out of her paralysis. In that moment she came face to face with the reality that predators come in all forms. Some prey on the weak and small and others hunt the predator themselves, protectors of the weak and mortal. . A large seven foot length of claw and fur covered muscle torpedoed towards the shark and slammed into it's side. When the shark made to arch and slash with it's razor filled mouth, a large paw smashed into its snout. With obsidian claws, the creature dug it's daggers into the shark's body ,hoisted it over head and flung it out towards the ocean depths, away from the now almost empty shallows. Empty except for Ursuline who still stood in the shallows with a stunned and fascinated gaze.

When the seven foot mammoth turned towards her and started taking graceful steps with a well practiced macho hip swagger in her direction, she allowed her eyes to travel from the water dappled furred waist, up towards the well defined chest of what only could be described as ...a bear. A bear with a face that had simularities to being human. A bear with brown eyes, glowing with the sun inside them, sparkling but cautious. A bear with eyes very similar to Addison Gauss.
"Addison? You saved me." Ursa said softly. "It is you, isn't it? How is this possible?"

He gave her a lopsided bear smile. He answered her in a deep bass voice of growling rumbles, "I'm a werebear. Like I told your brother, I don't carry my weight around for nothing."

Ursuline took a tentative watery step towards him. "Are you sure the shark is gone?" He nodded. She took another step closer, still staring into his dark eyes. "I've heard that werebear existed in the mountains." Again Addison nodded. His heart was tripping double time , but he remained where he was. She took another step closer, the gentle waves pushing her slightly forward. "Why are you here on the coast?"

One thing about the werebear, they prided themselves on honesty. Addison wasn't going to change now. " To find a den mate." He heard her breath make an excited hitch. "Did you find one?" He made that little lopsided bear smile again, showing a little canine and nodded. She took a final step that brought her skin to fur, her head tilting back enough to still see his chocolate brown eyes. She reached out and touched the damp fur of his chest.
"And?" she prompted.
"And she's you."
"How do you know I am? How do you know I'll be happy with you and you with me?"
"Because I joined with you when I caught your gaze. We don't choose mates with the outside of a potential partner because the surface can be camouflaged. We unite with what's inside. What's within you is mine and what is inside of me is yours. You felt it when we connected." She nodded. Addison took her hand in his paw, which wasn't truly a paw.

"Ultimately you have the final choice, Ursuline."

She cocked her head to the side " And what can you offer me that I can't find anywhere else?"

"Love, honor, fidelity and trust." Addison replied confidently.

"Nope, don't think that covers it all."

A shocked look on a werebear is not something many people see, but there it was. Sudden laughter came from the shore. Both Addison and Ursuline jumped slightly and turned toward the sound. Hart stood there on the beach sand with the PBCC rep and many Polar Bears in attendence. "Are you guys done turning into prunes and wereprunes? As much as this is entertaining guys, frigid Atlantic waters can not be good for my sister. Come on, Addison, get a grip! Get her out of the water!"

Addison looked down on his future den mate, scooped her up like she weighed as much as a zephyr and marched her out of the ocean and onto the shore to her waiting brother. Before he put her down he demanded in that wonderful bass grumble, "So den mate, what would you have of me to get you to say 'yes'?"

She glanced up at him through her lashes, and smiled a very wicked smile. Crooking her finger to beckon him closer, " She whispered, "Life's a bear, and then you become one.

Do you agree with my sister's opinion? Was your perception of the "hero" colored by the picture or did the story take you somewhere else?

If you had seen THIS picture...would it have made a difference?

Or This one???

At least, for the truly squeamish, I didn't use This one, LOL !!!!!

So , what do you think? Do Male Models on the covers of your favorite romance novels truly still have a place? Do they make a difference to the reader? Can they influence how you view the hero?

I'd really like to know.....