Sunday, February 08, 2009

Heart be still - My Stomach is in love...

I have been a fan of this romance cover model since I saw him on Sherrilyn Kenyon's
story of Alexion. I think it was's been awhile. The one thing I have NOT forgotten is the cover model.

I found out his name about six months after the book came out and ever since, he's exploded onto the romance cover scene. He's been a Indian Warrior, A Scottish Highlander, a hunk in the Dark Hunter Universe;you name it, he's been it.

The one thing you don't get from romance book covers is a sense of the man -- the person behind the face and costume.

I have found a delightful link to share with you that will not only give you a glimpse of this person but you will hear his voice, his sense of humor and get to meet his very beautiful and gracious wife. THE most amazing talent he has, modeling notwithstanding, is his natural flair and technique for COOKING! He makes it look so easy.

Oh my Goodness! I want to eat at HIS HOUSE! LOLOL

Ready? Listen and get to know the great talent of NATHAN KAMP!

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