Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I went to mountainous, rainy Vermont over the 4th of July weekend.
They had a Triathalon at Killington.
I actually got to see hunky guys running.
So they went fast.
I was eating breakfast at the time and we had a window seat.
So I guess you could say I had a room with a view.
But DH and the kiddos were with me. I had to keep a fork in my mouth.

I brought my laptop with me. How fun it was to type away IN my room!
I didn't have to suffer watching stupid TV. Blech.
Did you know that if you check the chair cushions in your hotel/motel room, you stand a good chance of finding loose change?
I didn't.
Until the kids found enough, bored donchaknow, to play some video games in the arcade.
Go figure.
Did you know that Killington, which is famous in the area for skiing, is a hot spot for mountain biking?
I kid you not. Hot guys came down splattered with mud. It was so caked on at times, you couldn't see their butts. OK, so I exaggerate, you could see them, but they WERE totally muddied.
And sexy.
It's all that protective gear they wear, makes them look like warriors. Very cool.

OK..that's my drive by post as I rush off to work.
Have a terrif day!


Brandy said...

Love the comment about keeping the fork in your mouth! *G* Sounds like you had a "viewer-ific" weekend! *G*

Marianne Arkins said...

So you spent your weekend looking at hot guys' butts.

Sounds like a cool vacation!