Monday, September 14, 2009

What a loss

I just heard that Patrick Swayze died.
He was only 57!!
What a loss.
I loved him in Ghost and Dirty Dancing. I think everyone has either seen the movies or at least heard of them. They defined an age.

He will be missed.

I don't feel chatty right now.
I'll get back to you as to how the Citizen's Police Acadamy is going.
So far, we toured the station and got to look into the police cars.
We got an overview of what we'll be hearing and seeing.
It's not a surprise that the first class ran over 30 minutes longer.
Lots to ask questions about, that's for sure!


Dru said...

He will be missed.

I think I'm the only one who never saw "Dirty Dancing."

Brandy said...

I loved him best in Dirty Dancing. I just can't watch Ghost without crying, so I've only seen it once. He was a good man.
Can't wait to hear about the Citizen's Police Academy!

The Crazy Woman Inside Me said...

I was so surprised when I first saw the announcement. Even though I knew he was battling cancer, I kept thinking and hoping he’d beat it. He was a wonderful entertainer--and he was 2 years younger than me. Far too young to die. :-(

Michele said...

You are not the only one, Dru.
You've heard of it. That's enough.
Heck, there are a ton of movies the general public loves, which I've not seen, nor intend to.

I love Ghost, Brandy. Sure, I cry, but I get the goose bumps too.
Hey, DDD!
Yep, he was waaaay too young to leave this world. Like Michael Landon, I had hopes that he'd beat it.
It's always hard to see someone young go who you feel still had lots to contribute to the world.
very sad.
but thanks for stopping by!