Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Fired my First Gun Today!

Yes I did and it was awesome!

Today was my class's day at the shooting range.

I got to fire a pistol, an AR-15
, a 12 gauge shotgun AND ...

Just like I read about in my favorite romantic suspense novels.

And get this.
Out of our class of 30, 15 showed up for the practice. And of those 15, five were women and all of us had never ever shot a weapon.

AND... ::drum roll please::

I was the ONLY female to get THREE out of four of the steel targets!! ME!!!
I can't believe it! I've never fired a weapon before in my life.
It was fun.
It was exciting.

And...I drew blood. My own.

You see, with a pistol, you have to hold it just right and keep your thumbs out of range of that slider piece on the top. Well, I sort of forgot and the top of my knuckle got skinned. Bled for three hours. Thank goodness I had a tissue to use to absorb all that red stuff. *g*

I view it as a badge of courage. I mean, I fired a GUN. WOOT!

When I was firing the AR-15, the instructor said, "Wow, don't let me ever get on your bad side." tee hee... there were five rounds to fire and each one went into the neck area. Not the torso, not the bulls eye, oh nooooo, I go for full stoppage.

I did take some pics. I'll have to load them on the other computer so I can post a few here.

Honestly, it was THE most fun I've had in a long long time.

And I just had to write all about it.


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Brandy said...

That sounds like so much fun! And GO YOU! WTG on being such a good shot! *G*