Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I'm feeling low on iron

So I took this quiz.
It's been a LONG time since I've posted a quiz.

Ready for my results?

Your result for The What's Your Signature Weapon Test...


You preferred a weapon with 51% power over speed and 49% range over melee.

You use a Greatsword.

Do the words Zweihander or Flamberge mean anything to you? You prefer a Greatsword, a massive, heavy blade frequently strong enough to cut down the rides of mounted warriors. Though slow, the impressive length and heft of a greatsword makes it capable even of breaking through armor. Your enemies will run from the deadly arcs of your blade as you bear down on them.

Take The What's Your Signature Weapon Test at OkCupid

Now, All I need is a Highlander or someone equally savvy with these things to teach me the ropes. LOL
IF I could lift the silly things.

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