Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Yam What I Yam

Yams are Awesome!

Oh, DH is doing MUCH better and he's eating TOFU!  I won't touch it. LOL

But I discovered that my whole family LOVES Japanses Yams  They look purple on the outside, white on the inside and cook into a yellow color.  They are so sweet, you don't need buttor or salt or any flavoring to enjoy them.  I brought some to work for lunch and shared a bite with both my boss and my co-worker and the look of pleased surprise on both their faces was so cool. Look for the ones that are smooth and plump looking. They are MUCH easier to peel if you want to peel them and not bake.

Hannah Gold Yams are ok.   For some reason a little pat of butter or what what we've been using as butter which isnt, and I can't remember the name but it's made with yogurt,  just that little addition brings out the flavor.  I found it odd but the texture is nice and it too cooks yellow.

I like these new yams better than the ones I've grown up with where I have to add a LOT of butter. Heck, I used to even add brown sugar!  No more.

And sweet potato fries are Delicious!   Baked of course. :-)


Marianne Arkins said...

I can't believe you won't try tofu. Shame, shame ...

Brandy said...

I won't eat tofu, either. (Not supposed to anyway.) Have you tried making Miso soup? I think that has tofu and my hubs loves it.

We use Brummel and Brown, it's made with yogurt, is it similar to what you use?

Glad to hear your hubs is doing well!