Friday, August 19, 2005

Mickee Madden FOUND!!!

I have to Tell you about Mickee!!!!!

WAAY back on July 1st, I posted a plea for help on L J to solve a mystery that has been bugging me since last September 2004. In it, I was asking if ANYONE knew how to contact Mickee Madden so I could get the final HEA in the Baird House Romance Series. I have to say, posting here was the best idea.

THANK YOU CARYLERG!!!!! Your suggestion about posting it to the Romancenovels Community was the best ever!

I've been in communication with Mickee now twice. Let me share some of what I wrote and some of what she wrote:

ME: (Edited version)
"I am hoping that you are the same Mickee Madden who wrote the wonderful Baird House book series"
I've been trying to find the 6th and final book, Dreams Everlastin' "

MICKEE: (Edited version)
"Last September, my husband and I moved into a smaller house. Then I had knee surgery the day before Thanksgiving, so it was well after Christmas before I started getting about. In the meantime, everything went into chaos. The damage I had done to my other knee during the move, got a lot worse, I had to budget my writing time, I delved into trying to finish a fantasy I started two years ago--and because my husband asked (that) I finish this one before finishing Dreams Everlastin'."

ME: (Edited Version)
"it sounds like you are on your way to taking back control of your situation; healing and taking care of yourself -the major component. I'll keep you in my thoughts.(prayers).

I expect that you are busy but I wanted to share something, that now that you've contacted me, I see in an amusing light. While searching for ways to contact you, I found a website that praised your first book in the series, Everlastin' . In it, they surmised that since there were no pictures of you, information about you, that your female persona might be a ruse, that Mickee Madden didn't exist! and the name was a pseudonym for another author who didn't want to be known as writing fantasy romance. How's that for speculation???!!!!
I bet you didn't know how mysterious a person you are!"

MICKEE: (Edited version)
" No, I had no idea I was a mystery. LOL. Go figure. I used to have a personal website, but the gal running it let it lapse without telling me, and I haven't been able to get another one done. .
I would greatly appreciate you telling people I'm not a ruse, and certainly not slacking off--although, Dreams should have been written before I started the fantasy, but I didn't expect to move, or have the knee surgery, or --gads, it all. LOL. "
Well, Michele, need to get away from the desk for a while. It's such a pleasure hearing from you!!
Tak tent,

So that's the scoop. She's real, she's really nice, she's still writing and like you and me, she's got life to deal with and it answers why I couldn't locate her initially. I'm excited to hear about the fantasy story and I can't wait to read more from her. Now that I've gotten my answers, I can patiently wait and believe me, her work is worth waiting for!!!!
And for those sites that didn't believe that she was real, these answers prove that she's a "she", she has a great home life, she is open and honest and glad to be writing in the genre she does. I am pleased to share this good news with all of you!


This is the book that started it all for me. Love at first read.

About this title: In the tradition of Outlander and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir comes a wonderfully imaginative romantic fantasy--a heartwarming and hilarious love story about a 150-year-old Scotsman who was killed on his honeymoon at Baird House and a 30-year-old woman who's just arrived there . . . and doesn't believe in ghosts. .


Angela James said...

It sounds interesting! Are they still available?

Michele said...

Most are...the first 3 were easy to find, 4th , my library had to send to Kentucky for, I'm on the East Coast, and the 5th I had to buy as a Trade Paperback at Barnes and Noble, don't know if they have any left. I loved the characters so much that I had to find out what happens to them. Each one had a different issue, but the paranormal aspect amongst many other aspects was incredible. Murder, intrigue, the fae, curses, reincarnation, gargoyles, magical dirks, of course ghosts and a weird gosh there are just so many elements involved, twists and turns, surpise starts and endings...but the best is the romance and the interaction amongst the characters with each other. I just would LOVE a soap opera based on this series....of course, that is only my opinion.
I wish I actually owned them all. Someday I will. The later ones,the hard ones to find, I own. Whenever the 6th one comes out...I'm gonna be there with bells on my toes. :-)

Brandy said...

I looked up her books based on your post and will have to give them a try. Hopefully my local library will have a few. If not maybe my local used bookstores. Have you read any of Lynn Kurland's books? They are somewhat similar as far as ghosties and Scotsman and even a little time travel thrown in.

Michele said...

Hi Brandy!
You know, I think I have, but I can't place the title I've read.....I'll have to check now. I think I liked the one I DID read, but not sure. I'll let you know..
I hope you at least are able to find Everlastin'. Ablebooks online has it for sale. S & H isn't always pretty though.

Shesawriter said...


I met Mickie M online years and years ago. She was a sweetheart. And from that "chat" I bought Everlastin' and LOVED it! I'm glad you found her.


Michele said...

Hi Tayna
Years ago, hmmm?
You know, you are actually the first and only person I've "met" who HAS heard of her and read the book. Glad to hear you liked it too!
Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin!
I looked up Mickee Madden at
and found about 7 books listed there! I put them all on my wish list! She sounds like my kind of author!! WOO_HOO!
I have read many of Lynn Kurlands books too! Constance O'day Flannery was weak, her premise was good, but the writing weak. She does time travel romances as well.
NO ONE beats Diana Gabaldon!
Started yet M?
Hugs JTW

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele

Just wondering if you ever heard anything more from Mickee. I would love to read that final book.


Michele said...

Wow, Liz, you found my archives!
And you have good timing.

The answer is YES! I have heard from her, this Setember 07 actually, in response to a "What's UP" letter I sent her.

This is what she had to say:

"Wow, you are a helluva good fan, m'dear.
I just finished a fantasy novel and hope to start looking for an agent next week, for it and a children's fantasy book."

She will now commence on doing something about that sixth Everlasting book.Yippee!! I'm going to have to re-read them ALL before I read that last one whenever it comes out. It HAS been awhile, hasn't it?
So glad to meet another fan!

Anonymous said...

just found your site. I actually just finished reading 5 of the Everlastin series.. Any news on the 6th book Dreams Everlastin'?? Just can't wait to read it..

Anonymous said...

Hi, if you have contact to Ms. Madden, could you please ask her to contact me? It concerns one of her publishers who pays no royalties--she'll know which one. A group of authors is getting active. My blog has a contact email, if she looks on my profile. It's

Michele said...

To Both Anonymouses...

I've written to Mickee recently but have not gotten a response yet. I hope that means she's busy writing. :-)

I have passed on the last comment to her via a new email. It's the best I can do. The rest is up to Mickee.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Always glad to hear from other fans of this talented author.

Mommy2Boys said...

I can't wait to find out if and when "Dreams Everlastin'" will finally be out. I love Mickee Madden's Everlastin' series. It is so cool. On a side note, I was perusing our local real estate pages the other day and there is a house called "The Baird House" for sale here. I thought that was kind of neat. It's a beautiful old house, but very well kept up. Have a great day everyone!

Michele said...

HI there, Mommy2Boys!

I copied and pasted your comment to an email and forwarded it to Mickee.
I've not heard back from her since I've sent the last 3 emails so I can only hope she's OK.

I'm so glad you found my blog post and let me know that fascinating tidbit! I wonder how the house in your area came to be known as The Baird House. Sure leads me to think of the house transferred overseas and rebuilt in the USA like castles have done.And it could be the REAL Baird House. LOLOL

But if one of the owner's is named Beth, well, let's buy lottery tickets.

anita said...

Hi! I'ts great to have Author friends,(thk u Kate)that is the only way I found this site. Is there anyway to get updates Mikkee's final book...please, please, please.. Does Miss Madden have a website yet? I'm sooo looking forward the the last book. Any info would b awesome. Thx alot. Anita

Kristin M. said...

Hello! Mickee Madden has been on my book list for a looong time now, and just this afternoon I found "Hope Everlastin" at an antique store.

But here's my question: I was wondering if her books have to be read in order? (I hope not, as finding her books have been pretty near impossible). I think I'll enjoy her books, as I'm a huge fan of Outlander and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, as mentioned in the review.

Just FYI - Have you ever read any of Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series? Those are fantastic as well, and there are paranormal/time travel elements to them.

Anyway, thanks for any help!


Unknown said...

Hello, everyone. Just found out about this site. I tried to contact Anonymous, but the blogspot was no longer available.
I am working on Dreams Everlastin' I'm planning to release ir by the end of summer 2012, along with extended special editions of the first five.
If anyone wants to contact me, my e-address is:
:-) Thank you for all the uplifting comments!

Michele said...


::waves:: Thank you So much, Mickee, for finding my humble blog and letting me and all the commentators know the good news!

Knowing that the final segment will soon grace my bookshelves is terrific news! Esp since I can't find the whole series - Never did find the one my library had to get from Kentucky for my very own.

Will the re-issues be only in print or will they be Ebooks?

This is the BEST news I've had all week. Thank you!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Just an updated for you Michele, Mickee's books are available at in's hoping the last one comes soon.

Elizabeth said...

Here's an update for for Michele, Mickee's books are available in ebook at

Michele said...

Thank you, Elizabeth!
I'm heading over the Smashwords now!!

S.L. Madden said...

I stumbled upon this blog, and thought I'd add in some information (assuming the interest is still there). Work on the final book in the series, Dreams Everlastin', is still in process. In fact, Mickee had hoped to have it released at the end of this month. Due to issues beyond her control, she had to push it back a bit, but last I heard, she's hoping to have it released by the end of October.

She'll be e-publishing on Smashwords and Amazon (at least), and she's currently looking into producing the books in print, now that she owns the rights. Speaking of which, she's been talking about putting out special editions of the entire series, with added scenes. We should have a website up before long with more details.

Hope this information helps.

S.L. Madden (her son)

Michele said...

Hello, S.L.!
Yes, I am interested. I am also grateful that you took the time to update me and any other fan who stops because they wonder too.

I'm thrilled to hear she's getting a website. Please pass on the info whenever you can. I'll share it here and on my FB pages.

Thank you!!!

Anna Marie said...

Hi, could you please give me her E-Mail address? I was staring at it five seconds ago and I must've closed the browser. Now I can't find it again.
(If you get this message twice, I am sorry. Had trouble with my profile.).

Michele said...

Hi, Anna Marie:

He never game me his email. only that I found him on Twitter- but he doesn't seem too active there.

Did you know that the SIXTH book IS OUT? The Final book? Here's the Amazon link!

Michele said...

For those that find this page and not the other Mickee Madden posts I've done. You can find Mickee here on Facebook

ALL her books are listed here on Amazon:

So, if you want to contact her - you have a way.

And her son, S.L. Madden is also an author, which doesn't surprise me, and HIS Facebook is here:

I hope every Mickee Madden fan is as excited as I am!!!!

Unknown said...

Hello everyone!
Found this link in my emails and decided to check it out. You're all making me blush. :-)
My email address is

Michele said...

Thank you, Mickee!!
For some reason this post is the one people always seem to find even though I have since updated and have done two other posts. It cracks me up.

Thank you for sharing your email with me and all your fans!!!