Saturday, February 10, 2018

Make a Movie!!

For my Saturday Seven I thought it would be cool to join in the book-to-movie memes that are out there. Somewhere along the way, I'm sure, like me, you've finished a book and said, "This should be made into a movie!" Whether it be a Whodunit, fantasy or romance, there's something that gave my imagination a definite buzz of excitement. The funny thing is that a couple of them actually made it to the big screen years after I read them. It was like rediscovering an old friend - except the books were always better. **grin**

1)   My very first major book that I was enamored with was read in high school, Dune by Frank Herbert. There was something grand about the whole plot, concept and cast of characters. No matter that it took place in deep space, the base nature that all humans have plays out in glorious weirdness. Starlog Magazine, a publication I devoured like candy as a kid , chronicled the ups and downs of bringing it to life. It was a long road and it finally happened. It think the movie focused on the creepy, sadistic weirdness that was House Harkonnen in too much detail for my liking. In that regard, the book was better. But the Sandworms? Ooooh, that was so COOL!!! I never saw the most recent remake - how can you improve on Kyle MacLachlan and Sting??

2)   Another book that made a great movie was The Day After Tomorrow. There were a few minor differences between book and movie but the tidal wave scene still is one of the best special effects done and I know my imagination could never have created that intense a visual as the movie version. Wow. In that, the movie was better than the book, so I'm glad someone recognized the potential.

3)  Then there was Krull. I'm not sure if the movie came first and then the book, or the book was written following the movie to capitalize on the association, but no matter, the book had details the movie couldn't grasp. The romance between a prince and princess is the ultimate romantic tale especially when it's against impossible odds, a race against time and a formidable foe. The movie is cheezy, sure, but I love it anyway.

4)  Now, I've heard rumors that finally, FINALY the Dragonriders of Pern will be made into a movie. Why did it take so long? That series influenced many a writer, and caused kids to dream big and imagine the possibilities of other worlds. I just hope Hollywood doesn't screw it up by slipping in earth society checklists and instead keeps true to Anne McCaffrey's vision. It's the best!

5)  A movie that SHOULD be made would be based on Sarah Morgan's Sleigh Bells in the Snow (O'Neil Brothers). It would be perfect as a Hallmark Movie. Heck, I'd BUY the movie if it was ever made, especially if it was true to Ms. Morgan's creative vision. That novel is the definition of romance and has been on my keeper shelf since 2013. Love, love, LOVE that book!!!

6)  A novel that was made into a movie recently that totally surprised me was The Wrong Bed: Naked Pursuit by Jill Monroe. I READ that Harlequin story years ago and when Jill announced that it was a movie on Lifetime, I was frantic. I didn't get that channel!!! Fortunately, Lifetime had different online outlets and I was able to watch it on my PC. BEST TIME EVER! Of course, the movie took a few liberties with the original story but still, a Jill Monroe book made it!!!! I was so thrilled!!!

7)  I know that the Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlaine Harris was made into an HBO miniseries and at first, I was so excited. But HBO totally screwed it up. The books were ten times better!! So, although it should be my number seven, I'm going to switch to another world that has been built up over a span of years starting in 1999. Next year will be TWENTY YEARS. A movie or series would have to tone down the sex of course, as the scenes are strongly erotic in nature, but the concept of Carpathians vs vampires, vampire hunters and mages, and very strong leading female characters with serious skills and talents could be an amazing onscreen sensation. The language, customs, romance, healing chants, music and mountainous vistas and forest scenes could be a visual feast of the senses. I believe Christine Feehan's Dark series should be made into movies or a miniseries- but they better let the author have control of her characters. The Dark series has survived 2 decades for a reason! And it's not what Hollywood thinks they know. They understand diddly.

At least with today's Saturday Seven, I'm not 100% paranormal. Sort of. **wink**

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Kathy said...

I like these too.Haven't read the last one though. Nice list.

Lydia Schoch said...

I didn't know the Dragonriders of Perth was going to be made into a movie. I've heard good things about the book. Hopefully the movie is well done, too.

This is my Saturday Seven post.

Marianne Arkins said...

First, I have to respond to Lydia -- HOW is it possible you haven't read the Dragonriders series? With as much as you read, I'm shocked. I've read every book written until she started a collab with her son (things just didn't "feel" right after that).

Michele, I agree with the ones you mention that I've seen/read. Dune was an interesting movie. I think they did okay, but the book was so complex making a perfect movie would have been nearly impossible.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

One of my favorites will always have to be To Kill a Mockingbird. Stuck to the original story so well. And I love Gregory Peck. That voice... shivers.

Here's my post:

Lydia Schoch said...

I have no idea, Marianne. I really need to read that series sometime. LOL.