Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Frolic Or Cosmetic Journeys

No, I didn't go anywhere near as interesting as would warrant a frolic. I can imagine it. Want to go with me?

The Land of the Avid Carpenter.

The Land of Flash - The more your colors clash, the more famous you are. Notice the sneakers are also color coordinated.

Meet his designer.

Of course, you can't go out in the high temps of the desert without taking care of your skin. Men are more prone to forget about their pores and collagen -hence -facials for men:

Of Course, There's always a wise guy in the bunch. I suppose this IS one way to protect the delicate skin of the male face:

Of all the many ways to take care of your skin, with dermabrasion, sloughing, moisturizing, chemical peels, cleansing, Botox and the like, I can recommend one thing not to do.

One thing that I believe has no benefit to beautify man or woman.
Animal, mineral or vegetable.

A process of pore cleansing or skin tightening or alignment that I highly discourage - Can you blame me?

I know that acupuncture is popular, but this?


Brandy said...

MICHELE, A LITTLE WARNING PLEASE! I am needle phobic!! As in, had a TB test when I was 18 to work in a daycare and about passed out when I saw the needle and my skin puff up. Now, as for the hat Dude, he um probably should have covered another more "sensitive" are with the hat instead!!

Michele said...

Gee, I didn't know that Brandy, Sorry *sheepish grin*,
I was hoping M.E. would drop by and I'd get her reaction. Didn't expect to shock you! Maybe I should go back to bugs?

Regarding "hat dude" Well, if he did cover himself, I'm sure it was with another ... pointed sombrero..giggle. The camera didn't go down that far. I would HOPE he covered his assets.

Brandy said...

Hahahaha! I'll be OK with the needle. Somehow.

Bailey Stewart said...

Why do you save the disgusting photos to cover the screen why we comment. LOL

And maybe he didn't need that big of a hat for the "other" area - maybe just a beanie?

Have to get ready for work, I'm behind already.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh wait (and I wonder why I'm running late?) - my father would have loved that mailbox. He was a carpenter.

Now I'm going.

Trista Bane said...

What in hades was that last guy thinking? Or WAS he thinking? Ouch!

As always, enjoyed the pics-- but especially enjoyed the commentary!

Michele said...

Alright, Brandy!

Gee, Eve, I don't PLAN on the placement, it's just natural genius, *snigger/snicker**

A beanie? Aw, you do him an injustice, but I suppose it's better than an dunce cap...oh wait..that doesn't sound right...wouldn't look right either...

Trista! Hey there! You must be really busy writing cuz I haven't seen you for a bit. Hope all is going well?
Good questions. He must have been thinking because of the perfect symmetry of the impalements but you are right, What was he thinking????

Glad you enjoyed your visit, Trista! Its wonderful to have you drop by.

Betty S said...


Bailey Stewart said...


Michele said...

Hey Betty!
LOL - of all the pics I showed, the most reaction comes from the human pincushion. And all of it was just like yours....*giggle* doubt me?? Hahaha!

Annalee Blysse said...

The colorful guy has to be at Burning Man. That's coming up soon. It's about a hundred miles north of here. They do things like that, and that is what the Black Rock Desert looks like. Cool pics. The needles make me shudder to. I'm afraid of needles.

Bailey Stewart said...


Michele said...

Thats great to hear about the Burning Man event, Annalee! That means a whole bunch more pictures to look forward to on the internet.
Yep, needles seem to be a universal "shudder-maker". I don't like them either. What strikes me is the similarity of those red knobs to playing pieces from Battleship -the game.