Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Might of Dust Mites

I just came from having my youngest tested for environmental allergies.

His results were off the charts for dust mites. How do I know this?

The tester left the room after cleaning him up, jotting down the results and telling us the doctor would be in soon to discuss the results.

Through the CLOSED door, I heard her say,

"We hit the jackpot! This kid has the biggest reaction to dust mites I've ever seen!"

OH, sure, like didn't that just make my child feel all warm and fuzzy.


At least wait until we're out of earshot or something.



Brandy said...

Sorry to hear he's been diagnosed as allergic to dust mites. I was when I was a child. And you're right, what a twit! Hope everything works out well.

Dru said...

I was diagnosed with an allergy to dust mites when I was younger too. Idiots. Did you say anything to that person?

Marianne Arkins said...

"We hit the jackpot!"


Pardon my Francais.