Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nightmares come in all degrees

I got my CD full of ancient memories today! Yea! Geek Squad was able to retrieve all the pictures from my old Windows 98. I picked it up today.
What a relief!
Now, what do I do with a useless lump of a tower? Anyone have any ideas?
Is there anything toxic in there that I need to worry about?

I went on my FaceBook site for the first time in months. I am still trying to figure out how to navigate that thing.

Did you know that Dara Joy finally settled with Dorchester Publishing?
I am SO excited !
Maybe NOW I'll be able to see Traed's HEA. Waiting over 6 years is long enough. Don't you think?

Welcome Back, Dara Joy!

I went to Cape Cod this past weekend. I'll tell you all about it next post. I even have pictures! Well, if they came out, I do.

Folks, We Have GROUND!

After those 50 degree temps and rain yesterday, I can now see the gravel of my drive way and I no longer have to make like a rocket and launch up my driveway.
Call me happy.

I have to tell you about my nightmare this morning. It woke me up at 4:15 and I couldn't go back to sleep.
Want to know what woke me up?
The dream/nightmare of my DH coming home with TEN KITTENS. That's not the worst of it though. He brought them without benefit of food or cat boxes OR litter.
Not only is our house small but both me and my eldest are asthmatic!
Kittens were climbing the couch fabric, curtains and getting underfoot, purring the entire time.
See? Nightmare!
Is it any wonder why I couldn't go back to sleep?

When DH came down at a more reasonable time - like after the sun rose - I told him my dream. He just shrugged.
"That's not a nightmare, you like cats."
Well, sure I do, but 10 all at once?
Obviously my DH can put things in perspective with a rapidity I can only envy.

I hope your day is free of any and all nightmares, waking or sleeping.


Brandy said...

About Dara Joy, glad to hear she finally settled. But, you would NOT believe that she's put out an ebook and the title? Death by Ploot Ploot. Kid. You. Not.
Don't know what to tell you about the tower. We donated our old tower. Glad you can see the ground again! *G*
And about the kittens? Not a nightmare for me. *g*

Have a great week!

Avindair said...

Does your church need a PC?

Check for any other program that matches technology to needy kids.