Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another Slice of life

This is the Crab that my family brought to the door. It was still alive; the seagulls hadn't gotten to it yet.

This was that Aura, or Halo around the sun a few weeks ago. It had a perfect rainbow circle around it.
Many people wonder if it was the result of the ash in the air from the volcanoes that errupted around the world?
Does anyone know about this phenomena? Has anyone ever seen it before??


Brandy said...

That crab looks quite unhappy! *G* Did I tell you my Son wants a lizard. Ugh!

The halo around the sun is very pretty, but I have NO CLUE why it does that. *G*

Michele said...

A lizard? What kind! Goodness.

The crab was happy believe me!
When they were done showing me,they put it back into the ocean. Its cousins weren't so lucky-- the seagulls were having a smorgasboard orgy on the shore that day. NEVER had we seen so many crabs being eaten!