Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Grinches of Black Monday Shopping


I saw something yesterday on the TV news about thieves driving up to people's homes because they see packages sitting on porches and front stoops.
They waltz up, grab the box(es) and drive away taking hard earned dreams and trust with them.

They are stealing Christmas presents, wedding presents, anything that usually is shipped via UPS and left while you are at work.

Why do I mention this now?

I just chatted with my little sis. She ordered, like many across the country, online. The day they call Black Monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year, is the siren call for thieves, malcontents and inconsiderate neanderthals to take advantage and ruin hard working peoples' holidays. Remember The Grinch?

Her packages were witnessed by a neighbor as being delivered. However a few hours later, when she got home from work, they were all GONE!

So, Beware. Track your packages if you can and be aware when they might be delivered. Have a neighbor get them for you if you are able. Before the Grinches of the season steal your bought treasures. Unlike the Grinch, these slime of society do Not 'see the reason for the season' and will not ever give them back.

I had to mention this.


Marianne Arkins said...


the ever dumdumTeddy Bear said...


its me are you?
well now i don't have the time to blog.

haahaa~! i can see that you are way more hardworking in blogging than me.

anyway, have a merry xmas and a happy new year..


Brandy said...

Awww, I feel so bad for your sister! It's hard to believe there are others so desperate, greedy and plain 'ol evil out there.

Dru said...

Thanks for alerting us to this. That is just so bad on all levels.

I always track my packages, hence the reason I'm home today.

The good thing with me is that I'm in an apartment complex and UPS can not leave packages in front of our doors. I thought if the package states signature required, then they couldn't leave the packages.

Michele said...

That's one way of putting it, M~.
Now she has to buy things all over and it's a pain.
Oh well......

Thanks for reading.

Michele said...

Oh my gosh, Teddybear!!!!
How ARE you??!!!!??

I tried commenting back on your blog but it's gone!

I'm flattered that you remembered me and I am gladdened by your holiday wishes!
Thank you!

I miss your sense of always made me laugh.
I hope you too are well and happy.
Keep in touch!!!!

Michele said...

I know!
ANd guess what, Brandy?
I talked to her yesterday and she told me that it was not only her but her whole COMMUNITY!
It's a development and there are many homes. The police told her they were inundated with reports of theft from so many neighbors.
It's beyond sad.
These were organized criminals who had a plan to ruin everyone's holiday.
A pox on their peckers...if they're men.
If there are females involved, I wish them a whole month of bad hair days and bad breath.


Desparate people might grab a few, but these people were just plain ol' evil.

Michele said...

Hi, Dru!
Thanks for reading.

I think the post office uses signatures but not UPS...

I wonder if you could stipulate that you would pick up the package AT the UPS depot instead?

Then agian, that only works if the main depot is near you. We have one about 45 minutes away, so if we had to, I'd opt for that. It's a pain, but the heartache of losing something you saved and paid dearly for would be worth the inconvenience, yes?

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you have a plan of action to safeguard your package. I hope it arrivd safely and in one piece.