Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm around

Yep , I am.

Just..not much to say.

We got snow.
I had to work this Saturday so my weekend, wasnt' very refreshing.

Met my neighbor...well, on the phone. Found out she has Facebook and Live Journal.
What's REALLY weird?
I now look at what I write and realize...someone reads it RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME!
For five years, no one I personally know close to or friends... ever uses their computer for social networking.
I mention Facebook and they say WHAT? I mention MySpace and they look at me like I should grow up.
I mention chatting to authors online and they are like... Why don't you LIVE your life?

Excuse me?

Like I'm ever going to meet famous authors? This is BETTER than when I was a kid and I'd write to Donny Osmand and never ever got a response back.
This is better than hearing about someone famous and wishing I could get just an autograph.

Through this here blogging and social connection in cyberspace, I've gotten autographed books from authors! I've MET one. I"ve TALKED to one. All because I AM on the computer!!!

I even get to play word games with my all time favorite erotica author who got me hooked on the romantica genre! I mean, come on! Trading word knowledge with a Literary Diva?

WHERE else can that happen? Tell me.

I love the world wide web. I believe it enhances what if I talk about people I'll never meet. That doesn't mean they don't touch my life or enrich it..they do!

So....How did I even get on this soap box anyway?


OK...yes I am here. No I haven't read any books lately. Darn.

But my neighbor is now a pillow's throw away.
On Facebook.



Dru said...

You're right, I've met so many authors and friends sitting on my computer and I truly enjoy when I get to meet them in person.

Brandy said...

Not only have I "met" fabulous authors online, but wonderful friends as well. *G*
The internet is a vast and fantastic world for those who are unable (or unwilling. Hi, yeah, shy person here.) to get out and LIVE it. *G*

AE Rought said...

Ain't the internet grand?? :o)

Smooches, M!