Sunday, June 28, 2009


Why do kids have to go through things that break a parent's heart?
Why are there things we absolutely cannot protect them from?

My little one? His seizures are still not under control, despite being on the highest dose he can be on the current medication. So, they've added a second.

Last Monday he had 24 hour ambulatroy EEG. It showed 26 seizures in that period. ON medication. Can you imagine how many he must have been having before he was diagnosed? That is why he was failing school. If the seizures can last up to 8 seconds...and he lost whatever instruction was going on directly preceeding the incident, day in and day out throughout the school year, it's amazing he learned anything at all! I mean, I 'd heard Absance Seizures/Petit Mal can occur up to 100 times a day; guess it's true,

This second medicine comes with scary side affects so I'm watching him close.

IN other, better news...

We went to our local farmer's market this past week. The local farm that sells meat products was serving up cooked burgers and it was supper time, so we decided to eat there. This elderly guy walks up with his own half eaten burger and tells me and my kids, "You are going to love your hamburgers. I swear it's the best I ever had! But I don't think I have enough money to buy another one. Let me check"

He proceeds to count out four one dollar bills and folds them in half. "You know?, he says, " I could have sworn I had a bit more money than this."

When he Unfolded the dollar bills, they had all changed to TWENTY Dollar bills!! The guy was a MAGICIAN! How cool was that? VERY. And, the hambergers were pretty darned good. LOL

Later on, after we ate our burgers, one of my kids turned to me and said" No insult, Mom, but their burgers Really Are Better."

Um...gee thanks. :-)


My last post, I had mentioned that I"d post a pic of my son's scorpion project. Here it is. He got an A. I'm proud of him. :-)


Lyn Cash said...

omg, honey - YOUR posts are the kewl ones. major hugs to you and kids. loved the photos and tale of the magician - lol.

Brandy said...

Sorry to hear about your Son. I hope this second medication can help him without the awful side effects. Don't feel bad about the burgers. I made cookies yesterday and Son and I like them, but we're the only ones. *sigh*

The scorpion looks fantastic! WTG to your Son!

I hope you and yours have a good week!

Michele said...

OK, Lyn. I'll call it a Mutual admiration society. *gg*
I glad you got a kick out of the magician. It's those unexpected things that make life so much fun.
Thanks for dropping by!

Michele said...

Thanks, Brandy!
The day actually had SUN. The SUN made an appearance. An my little baby pepper is now 2 inches big!!
Last year I had 3 plants and they produced a whopping Zilch. this year, one plant and I have a PEPPER. Just need more sun. lol

And thanks for the well wishes re: my son. He had his first Tutor session today..I'll let you know how it went on your blog...

Dru said...

Sorry about your son. I hope the new medication works better for him.

Love the scorpion.

so, was the twenty dollar bill real?