Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm a cricket, Hear Me Chirp

A very quiet Chirp.
You see, I'm going to try to be a better blogger.
Even if I have nothing to say, I'll try to pop in every few days and tell you about nothing just so you have something to see about nothing, so you won't get used to seeing the same nothing every day. So that's something.
So, as you can imagine, I have nothing to say.
I'll make something up.

The sun actually made an appearance today. Yay~
I saw a live bunny.
A dead Opossum.
I almost hit a deer - jumped right in front of my car about 4PM in the afternoon. Man, they bound FAST.
My kids found two snakes while looking for their missing soccer ball. Never found the ball but the snakes were cool.
We had a second person die of Swine Flu in my state this week.
I am sorry Billie Mays died..he was young, but I won't miss his yelling delivery. I got very stressed listening to him. I DO like Oxy-clean however.
I'll miss Michael Jackson. I grew up listening to his music the same time as the Osmonds.
I feel my mortality creeping up.
How much gray hair do you allow before you start coloring it?
And do people really pick their noses when no one is looking?
Betcha they do!

So, that's it. A whole lotta nothin' to fill this blog with something.
Aren't you glad you dropped by?


Brandy said...

Yes, I am glad I dropped by. I think I missed the whole "King of Pop" thing. While I know he is a music icon that will be missed, I don't feel anything other than sympathy for his family.
As for Billie Mays? I never liked that way of selling anything, either. It harkens back to the old side show carnival thing, weren't they called "Barker's"?
And hair coloring? Don't ask me! *G* I have several silver showing up these days, but I am hoping to just bypass the whole "coloring" thing.
The picking the nose thing? I'll ask my Son! *G* LOL!

I hope your day went well!

Dru said...

I love your short notes.

We had sun for two days. Rain is predicted for tonight.

Lyn Cash said...

Glad I dropped by, too :)

Billy's voice was obnoxious, but he seemed like a nice guy.

The mortality thang hits us all - it's truly okay to color, pick, pull apart, dissect, or examine ourselves as long as we remember to bless the whole. I think. Sounds good anyway.

Lyn Cash said...

and I'm sad to hear of the swine flu deaths. :(