Thursday, August 20, 2009

You think Monday was Bad? HA

Tuesday was another adventure in Life's Chaos.

Upon bringing the sitter home, my eldest holds out his glasses and says,
"Look, Mom!"
And holds out his new opera glasses.

Seems his eye glass bar, or whatever they're called, snapped right off.
We were supposed to LEAVE Wednesday night!

What eye glass place can not only order them but make them in Less than 24 hours?
Seems my local town does.

It was a 90+ degree day. Seems the little place's A/C was broken. We walked in and lo! turns out that if we waited 38 minutes in the sweltering heat, they actually had an eye guy there who actually took his insurance and had a cancellation! Not only that but with ten minutes to spare the next day before they closed their doors, we dropped by and picked up a New pair of glasses with a new prescription. Talk about service! Talk about Small town excellence. Talk about being really really LUCKY.

But honestly, think about all the crap that's been thrown at me in my family in a very short amount of time. It's amazing we're still sane. LOL

So, here I am... in a room, on a bay where I saw a dolphin play in its waters.
How relaxing.

It's amazing to be in a strange place and still have Internet, in my bed where I can look out over an ocean bay. Now if only the kids would stop jumping on the bed.
Reminds me of that book...Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed..except I only have two.
But that's enough. **VBG**

I figure, things have to be better. We went through so much to get here.
Oh and I got some great books!
I started reading an old story... The Forever Kiss by Angela Knight. Not that I've read it before but I guess it's been out for awhile. I hope it's good.

AND, I found the latest Christine Feehan book, the latest in her Drake Sister's series. I hope that is as good as the rest.

Right now, the Pacifier is on and I enjoy that story a LOT. Must be the Navy SEAL that Vin Diesel portrays. Anyway, that's the scoop!
Have a great Weekend!


Brandy said...

It must be glasses breaking time because right before bed time last night my Son leans to give me a hug goodnight and his arm on his glasses falls off. Gah! I ended up fixing it with a bit of superglue and was going to call the eye place today-BUT THEY WERE CLOSED by the time I had the time. *sigh* So, we're hoping the fix I made holds until Monday.

Glad things worked out for y'all. Enjoy your trip! (And your books!)

Dru said...

Enjoy your vacation!

Pacifier is my favorite Vin Diesel movie.

Michele said...

hope all is OK with son's glasses now, Brandy. Make sure to get back up glasses. I am. :-)


Thanks, Dru! I did. I can't believe I've not blogged about it but since coming back, it's been crazy with so much more going on, it's taken a back seat. I do have pics though. Will have to see about getting some on here.
:-) have Very good taste in movies...