Monday, August 10, 2009

An Actor Makes His Own Mark

A couple of years ago, through this very blog, I connected with an up and coming actor, Mr. Nate Golon.

He's been busy since then, learning and honing his craft in his chosen career. It's a tough road but he's determined, energetic and always looking for that edge that will propel him towards his goal.

I'm proud to announce and share a milestone with you. He's been hard at work and is an integral part of a new Internet series that has its debut this week.

Please check out this link: WORKSHOP SERIES

If you are a longstanding reader, you may remember Nate from way back when.
Let me know if you spotted him because he IS in, in color and with his charming and high-wattage smile totally in view.

Have fun!


Brandy said...

Interesting series. I hope things go well for him.

Michele said...

Me too.
thanks for reading this, Brandy!