Thursday, September 20, 2012

What's up with Mickee?

I recently received a comment on an old post.  An ancient post. It was about the author Mickee Madden.

I want to heartily thank Elizabeth for alerting me to the awesome news.

I knew that Ms. Madden was looking to get her rights back so she could publish the books again. I wrote about that HERE.    They were out of print and as time went on, impossible to find.  So the possibility of being able to read them all again was exciting. However, more waiting was required.

Hence todays's post.  All thanks to Elizabeth.  The first five books of the Everlastin' series is available on Smashwords. 

What is causing equal excitement for me is the fact that there is a picture of Mickee.  Now I can put a face to the well-loved name!

If anyone has done any initial research on trying to find the sixth and last book in the Baird House series, they not only eventually ended up at my blog here, but they probably found things that claimed some very bizarre guesses about her.  I know I did.  

I've been fortunate to have been in recent contact with her.  So, fans new and old alike, don't despair.  The final book will be written.

I've been her cheerleader since 2005.  And I have good reason to keep on being so.

Speaking of cheerleading... MICKEE!!!!

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