Monday, June 13, 2016

When News Fails

I'm not perfect. Few people are. But there are some places where there should be a higher standard and that is in news reporting.

I am not a fan of one of my local news sources unless you count the gleeful pouncing on all editing goofs.

Look at this link for however long it stays available:

I question many things but the most basic question is, How will watching your feet prevent a snake from getting into your car? That has to be one of the most stupid, idiotic and nonsensical statements ever.  I'm wondering if it was out of context?  Surely people aren't that simple.  The reporter could have left that part out but instead had to use that dubious quote to end the 'report'.

I wonder,  how can a snake move about a hot engine unscathed when said car was traveling at high speeds, generating enough heat off of the engine to fry an egg?

And, she waits to pull over in a parking lot?  " Knowing the snake had crawled back up into her engine, Swisher had no other option but to pull off of I-49 and into the nearest shopping center, "

What, the side of the road wasn't close enough?
And, if it was ON the dashboard, isn't that Image result for cup on a dashboard  within view of a person's FACE?    I mean, I see a CUP on a dashboard, could not a person see a SNAKE?
Image result for snake on a dashboard

So, I think the whole report is shoddy and a waste of time for a reader.  Because I was so miffed, I decided to blog about it.

I suppose, in a way, it gave me something to say because today may turn out be a slow news day anyway.

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