Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Maine-ly Perfect

I'm BAaaaack!

Coast line somewhere, anywhere, but it IS in Maine, about 30 minutes from where we were staying.
Off of Mackworth Island

Maine is huge, green and beautiful!

We discovered Mackworth Island.

The newest tourist stop, the Maine Botanical Gardens.

A Book Store with great choices.A restaraunt that serves REAL potatoes AND eggs!

Not once did we have seafood, can you believe it?
It was hot, sunny and we couldn't have asked for more wonderful weather.
However, it didn't start off too promising. I mean, 7:30 AM on the day I was to leave, I had to rush myself to the urgent care center of my MD's office whereas I found myself with a strange bacterial infection which later was diagnosed as coming from stress!
There was a side effect that went untreated for FIVE days, today included. We got home late last night and as soon as I was able, I was on that phone asking to speak to a nurse, an MD, ANYONE who could help with this hellish side symptom. NO one called back until 5:11PM this AFTERNOON!


So, now I'm on TWO medications and unfortunately, no relief is expected for 48 hours.
Six days of pure agony.

It was easier giving birth. At least THAT was only 3 hours!
But I survived and did manage to enjoy myself. I took absolutely stunning pictures to use as wallpaper for my desktop. Wanna see some?

Botanical Garden Sample
Fairy Village sample
So, I"m back, all is well or becoming well and I Will do that Tag sometime this week.
Toodles All!


Brandy said...

Glad you are back and the pictures are awesome! Hate to hear your infection has lasted so long without a treatment for the awful "side effect". Try to relax. Oh, wait, you were supposed to have done that on vacation! *G*
I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

Marianne Arkins said...

Welcome back, the flowers are lovely and I want to know how you got off with only 3 hours of labor.

Yes... that's what I took away from this post.

I had THIRTY-SIX hours. That's so unfair....

Kristen Painter said...

Wow, those purple flowers are amazing!

Feel better soon!

Mailyn said...

Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I am sorry that you had an emergency trip but I hope that you will get better soon. Sending happy thoughts your way.

Dru said...

Welcome back!

I love the pictures especially the picture with the yellow flower reflecting inthe lake or pond or water.

I hope you feel better soon and the medication works.

Michele said...

Hi Brandy!
Yep, Today, Wednesday, is a Much better day than I've had for quite some time. I think that extra med is doing its job. Only one more day to go before I know for sure.

Marianne, 36??? OUCH OUCH OUCH! Um... HOW did I do it? I have no idea...and he was almost 9 pounds too. *grin*


Thanks, Kristen! I think I can safely say, "What a difference a day of new meds makes".

I'm glad you liked the flower. I don't remember ever seeing such brilliant purple flowers before.
I think that if they can grow in Maine, then I can grow them too.
Now I just have to find them.

Nice to see you!


Hey, Mailyn! I caught the happy thoughts and I think they're working! Thank you. *grin*

The Botanical gardens had some flowers I'd never seen before, not just the purple.. that had HUGE Astilbes ... and the bees loved them! I'll try to post a few more flower pics later on. I mean, how can I post just one?


Thank you Dru!, As much as it's nice to be on vaca, it is much nicer to be home again.

That yellow flower thingy is a sculpture thing in the pond. It is called "Helios" and I guess it's for sale. I didn't ask the price though - didn't want sticker shock after the peaceful viewing of all the natural splendor.

And as I mentioned above, things are looking up and for the first time this afternoon, I'd say I'm finally feeling a bit of relief from my icky symptoms.

so YEAH for me!


Thanks everyone for visiting and welcoming me back!
I missed you guys!

Kelli McBride said...

Sweetheart! Take care of yourself!! I think stress has me breaking out in zits!! It's either that or Olay's Definity. ;-)

Love the pics! I've always wanted to visit the North - especially Maine, Massachussetts, and Northern New York.

I did post some pics of OK on my blog. One is of the flooding, and the other is of the magnificent sky last week. I walked out of my office and had to get my camera out - it was spectacular.

Again, take care. Have you thought of eating dark, dark chocolate? You know, it has anti-oxidants in it so it's good for you. ;-) My mom's taking chemotherapy and has developed quite the sweet tooth, so I've been buying lots of chocolate for her - but not milk chocolate. Only the good kind. The other day, I couldn't believe it when I see some brands actually advertising their chocolate like it's a health food. Kind of put me off. Right now, I'm enjoying a dark chocolate with dried cranberries, blueberries, and almonds. It's fantastic.

Shesawriter said...

Hey Michele!

Just stopping by to say HI! Hope you're doing well. :-)


Nancy said...

Great flower pics--Never been to the botanical gardens in Maine, but have spent time in Bangor, Acadia, and Eastpoint. Maine is great, but I think I prefer it in the summer to the winter. Glad you are feeling better.

Michele said...

Kelli! HUGS
So happy to hear all is well with you...except for the zits of course. LOL.. hope those thing have healed up by now.

I'm OK now...the meds - after adding the second prescription - have finally finished working their magic. Yeah!

I'll pop on over to check out your pics. I hope the flooding is far away from you and stays that way.

Too funny about the chocolate! I don't usually like dark chocolate, but with dried fruit in it, I just might.

So glad to see you here, Kelli!


Tanya! Oh Wow... How have you BEEN? Guess we've both been a bit preoccupied with life and stuff.. I miss your visits.
I'm doing well and I certainly hope you are too!

Thanks for stopping by!

Michele said...

Nancy! How's Atlanta?
I have to agree with you about Maine's snow.
I like it in small amounts- I'm not a snow bunny by any stretch of the imagination.

I'm glad you liked my pics. Thank you.
I've been up to Arcadia, possibly Bangor, but I don't recognize Eastpoint. Should I check it out next time we go? WE're always looking for new and interesting places to see.

Appreciate your stopping by, Nancy!

Annalee Blysse said...

Oh wow! That yellow water plant is so cool. I never saw that kind of plant before.