Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beach Awareness

How are things with you?
Did the week treat you nicely?
Mine was frenetic to say the least.
It culminated in the one and only trip to the beach for the summer.

Found out the experts are right, you CAN get a burn on a cloudy day. Even with a sometimes cool breeze barrelling onshore and cold water, you get sunkissed. Mr. Sun got my face most of all, and I can't be too upset about it. After all, my natural color is ghost.

Um, so now I look like a blushing ghost. *grin*

No pictures unfortunately. I went with my family and they got me into the water, glasses and all. I also forgot how much I like to people watch.

Do you ever sit there watching and hoping for a bronzed buff and beefy hunk to strut on by?

I'll tell you what, no matter what you see on TV, they are a rare animal.

All those flat-tummied babes with the lithe and long legs?
Try belly ringed little and not so little pooches on bikini clad women of all ages with legs thin and not, hugged with cellulite laden skin, some tight, some not.

Or the two older Sugar Daddies with the two seriously hot tomales that came in on their jet skiies; did they strut their stuff or what?

Saw a man in casual business attire with a back pack and a woman in a skirt accompany him to the shore for a little toe tipping in the waves. How incongruous was that?

One buff guy had an in-process tattoo over most of his back of a pheonix. Beautiful art work, but will the Pheonix soar proud on the back of a seventy year old man? Only time will tell.

Speaking of old men... there was this one guy that when viewed, caused some internal giggles. Remember my post about graying pubic hair? Well, I got a glimpse of the future in a older man with white chest hair. The giggles hit me because his tufts of curly white looked like ... well, a demi-bra, cupping his man boobs. Never mind the arrow of hair leading to the potentially snowy South Pole. *giggle*

Definitely, I forgot how much fun it is to people watch. And remember, the majority of humanity is nothing like the magazines or TV depictions. We may see our body types as flawed but because of those perceived flaws, we are perfection itself.

We are real.
We are approachable.
WE are everywhere.

But a hunky beefcake every now again sure livens up the view. *wink*


Brandy said...

I know I prefer your picture posted to what you really saw! Glad you had a good time and HA! I'm not the only one that forgot sunblock this year!

Dru said...'re right..what you see in reality is never what you see on TV or in the movies.

love the that's buffed and tanned.

Bailey Stewart said...

Hugh Jackman! You put up a picture of Hugh Jackman!!!

Mailyn said...

Never mind the arrow of hair leading to the potentially snowy South Pole. *giggle*

LMFAO!!! I live in Miami so we do have tons of good looking people at the beach. Lots of models down here. People watching is fun!

Marianne Arkins said...

As I said earlier... Hugh is hawt!