Thursday, August 23, 2007

Slice of life

In Chat mode tonight.

We are Kitty Sitting this weekend for our neighbors! We haven't done that since the new stray, One-Eyed Clyde joined their family. He had a tendency to pee where ever he wanted to when he first got into their house.
When kitty sitting, we only go morning and night so if he'd peed during the day... his present would have fermented and you can imagine how pleasant THAT would have been.
Not wanting to take that chance, they didn't call us until he was house trained.

So, now we are all excited! We went and got our instructions and keys today. Also, I received permission to take more Kitty Pictures! Woot!

I have a favorite from last time. I hope to obtain another one this session and of course I'll share it with you.

Our lovely 65 degree F. temperatures are leaving us today. First we felt the humidity, then came the creeping up of the temperature. Tomorrow promises to be close to 90. That is a thirty degree difference!

I've been reading a new author, Lora Leigh. Her books have two series going. One I'm familiar with from Ellora's Cave and the new one that deals with Navy SEALS is also good.
Someone had mentioned her on one of the romance communities I belong to and I decided to go to my friendly library website and look up all things Lora Leigh.

I will say with regards to her Navy SEALS titles that she doesn't need that many sex scenes in the books. The story line, plot and character development are more than adequate to carry the story. They are strong intense reads with some amazing descriptive passages that border on poetry.

The one I just read has the cutest scene about cucumbers in the produce section. There was so many scenes that really roped the reader into caring for the hero and heroine. The sex was good and the descriptives were hot, but after awhile, all I wanted to know was what would happen next in the plot. It kept me turning the pages and as far as I'm concerned, that's a mark of a succesful read.
I realize I'm being vague and not giving you any details. I wasn't intending on doing an official review and besides, there is more than one book.

Dangerous Games
Harmony's Way
Hidden Agendas
Megan's Mark

Have you noticed the propensity and abundance of Navy SEAL stories in Romance Books?
I think it's because, at this point in our country, we need heros and these guys are Home Grown and are the Best of the Best. The romance genre has built these men up to Superman status and they are written as many a woman's wet dream.

I wonder what an Actual Navy SEAL thinks about these developments?
Do they even know just how influential and inspiring their occupation is to romance writers?
Do you ever wonder if all these books are creating even more groupies that oogle or aspire to be in the presence of a REAL Navy SEAL?
Does it perplex them?
Amaze them?
Annoy or embarass them?
Or do they soak it in as something life affirming and sometimes humorous?

I doubt I'll find answers to these ponderings, but it's fun to wonder.

Have you wondered about anything today?


Dru said...

The only thing I'm wondering about today is when will that paint smell go away and when will they finish so I can do my errands.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Brandy said...

I wonder all the time, it's a part of my personality. An annoying part sometimes! *G*
Best of luck kitty sitting and can't wait to see the pictures.

Michele said...

Thanks, Dru! I hope you have a good weekend too? Is the painting a result of the floods? I'm gonna have to pop over to see what you've been up to!

Brandy .."Oh, I wonder, wonder ..boomp pa doompa doop, Who wrote the book of love!......."

Wondering has been around since man said, "What will happen if I touch fire?"

Yep, I intend to post kitty pics. I have some! Woot!