Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fell in love with an Elf

I did?
It's not what you think.


Elf is my personal assistant. He's going to save me lots of moula and stress. I'll never meet him because he's a cyber-fae. I'll only see the results he produces.

He's going to remind me when my library check outs are due. I figured I needed his help when I found myself owing five dollars in fines from being one day overdue with five movies I had taken out. FIVE dollars! That hurt.

So I turned to the ELF and signed myself up.

Email Libary Reminder Service is what he really is.
Yes, I realize there is no "F" in Email Library Reminder Service, but hey, do the fae ever do things the way humans do them? But wait! There's an "F" in fae! What cheek.

If Elf saves me money and provides peace of mind, what's not to fall in love with?

My Advice: If you have access to your own Elf, pursue him. It's one of the best catches you'll make.


Marianne Arkins said...

Only if he looks like Legolas...

Michele said...

If that were the case, he'd be Mine! Mine! Mine!

Brandy said...

Your library system has the right idea. Wish mine did this.

Dru said...

Hmm, I wonder if my library does this.

Michele said...

Brandy! It's the strangest thing. My library is the smallest in the state versus the population it serves and yet we have the coolest things! I credit it to our librarians. They are SO committed and enthusiastic. When I see comments like yours, it makes me appreciate them all the more. I think I should bake them some cookies.


Dru, I hope they do! It's a great tool. I got my first notification yesterday and it's chock full of info in one glance for which I usually had to bounce from screen to screen to find. ELF is cool!

Jill Monroe said...

This cracked me up. So...I feel your pain. Once I had a library fine of over 40 bucks. Those kid movies...

Michele said...

LOL! JIll ... $40!!!! Oh ouch ouch ouch!!!! And you are SO right, they WERE kids movies I was late with. But $40?? At least my libary has a cutoff on maximum amount for fees. Yours was a shocker. I HOPE your library has its own ELF. Sounds like they need him.
But remember, if he looks like Legolas...he's mine!