Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today is the day

I'm back and I'm excited!
In ONE hour, Mr. Internet is going to come and rock my world.

Be that as it may,
I'm back from my vacation and have I got tales to tell and pictures to share.
But, I'm not loading any until after I have the high speed installed. Mostly because I can then do it in seconds instead of the minutes I usually have to wait.

I can say that the weather was gorgeous and we saw things that we've never ever seen before. We've been going to Cape Cod for twenty years and have not ever seen what we saw this time around.

We saw a deer, an American Goldfinch, a dead seagull, a HUGE spider crab, an orgy of sponges, diving gulls, half of a giant hermit crab, and heard the cutest 5 year old girl on the beach saying something about strange rocks. Youngest was finally tall enough to drive his first Go-Kart and he was estatic and youngest and eldest played mini-golf for the first time for real. No more playing 'hockey' , but a bonified mini-golf competition where all our scores were close enough to generate a serious mindset to WIN... I won. tee hee .. and all of us except DH got holes-in-ones.

Oh, I have to share this.
Remember last post when I asked if anyone had read the Buckhorn Brothers by Lori Foster?
Well, I was going to read Gabe and Jordon on vacation,except I left Gabe at home and only had Jordon. Well, I was SO crushed and I simply HAVE to read them in order, I refused to read Jordon's story. Well, Lo!, I went to a USB and FOUND a double book called Forever and Always that combined both Gabe's and Jordon's stories! Sure, that means I had to pay twice for books I already had, but I got to read them. In Order!

It was worth it because of some of the cute references in Jordon's book talked about Elizabeth and Gabe. THEN, I find out that Casey has his own story! Now, I'm on the hunt for Casey. Just can't seem to get enough of those Buckhorn Brothers. LOL

So, that's the scoop.
Until next post!


Brandy said...

Have fun with the high-speed! Can't wait to see your pictures. And I don't blame you for the book purchase! *G*

Marianne Arkins said...

Well... cool. Then you have spares to give away with the reviews!!

(((evil laughter here)))


Michele said...

Thanks, Brandy!
I am having trouble obtaining the pictures..for some reason HP won't show the thumbnails anymore..stupid probram. So, back to Adobe.
I'll see what I can share. Hopefully Soon!

Uh-uh, these are KEEPERS... until I find Casey! I must find him..he will complete me. **giggle**

I have to review Robin T. Popps books. I love her Gargoyle/vampire books.