Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Moon Shot and playing around

Squeee~~! I can now view YouTube videos! I am addicted for the evening!

Greg Evigan was SUCH a cutie!

The Intro to that cool yet silly sci-fi show, UFO?

I had the major hots for Commander Staker. Of course, Lt. Foster got a few pants from me too.

And Saturday AM fun with THIS? - The ultimate in camp. Tee HEE

Remember those Sabin Women? Musicals are my favorite.

Yep, I'm having fun but I can't post too many pictures of my vacation.

Seems my HP program no longer functions like it used to so now I"m stuck wasting time experimenting and trying to get around it.

Nothing ever goes the way you think it should.

Oh well.

More later!

Oh Wait! It's the SPONGE ORGY! lolol


Chris M. said...

Oh, wow, that moon picture is gorgeous.

You're cracking me up with your enthusiasm over YouTube. Hopefully someday soon I'll get to be just as excited as you! lol

Brandy said...

The kids love Youtube, but I limit their exposure. And the moon pic IS gorgeous! The spnge pic is interesting and disturbing at the same time. *G*

Anonymous said...

That moon shot is very cool! :)

Jill Monroe said...

Beautiful moon shot.

And yes, I can understand how spending an entire evening at YouTube - it's addictive.