Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Life Tidbits

Addiction... that is what the song is. I have listened to it at least ten times in a row and seem to not be able to get enough.

My roofed leaked again when we had another wild wind storm.
Thunderstorms raced through last night again but this time, no leaks. We had a LOT of rain but no leak. I am thinking the direction of the storm may have something to do with it. Who knows?

4 weeks until school is back in session. Wow.

I've picked a few cucumbers and today I picked another yellow squash. Except I gave it to my sitter. Why keep it when we won't be around to eat it?

Going civilized spelunking. That means the caves are made safe and tourist friendly.
The bad thing? One of them, they keep out the bats. What is a cave without bats?
So we'll go to another one where we know bats are. They are so cute!

It was so humid today! I mean, the windows in my car fogged constantly. When you walked outside, it truly was like a sauna...heavy, oppressive and sticky. Darned shame we all have to wear clothes during weather like this. Guys at least can go with only short shorts on and be comfortable. Gals can't- unless we want to be arrested.

Ever See the movie Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage? Would you say it was OK for an 8yr old to see? They LOVE the trailer with the flames, the motorcycle and the chains. But what about the theme? The plot? Is it too violent? Worse than Lord of the Rings??? Just wondering.

Hey, Great news!! Possibly great news.
My eldest's EEG showed "normal" brain activity. Once school starts we are going to wean him off meds and see if he will be seizure free. He will always have epilepsy as part of his medical history, but to have a calm brain scan? He's not had that since he's been four years old..Seven years ago. We are Very Very hopeful!

I adore the books by Kresley Cole. How many are there anyway? I've lost count.

I am yawning so it must be time to hit the hay. Have a good weekend and I hope where ever it's hot out, that it cools down WITHOUT the aid of thunderstorms or wild weather.



Dru said...

that is good news about your oldest.

Enjoy your weekend.

Brandy said...

It's hot and humid here, too. But, then again, it always is in the summer. Ugh.
Great news on the brain scan for oldest!
Um, yeah, you can keep the caves WITH the bats. As a matter of fact, you can have the caves, too. *G*

Have a fabulous weekend!

Lyn Cash said...

I think Ghost Rider would be okay for an 8-yr-old. It would have for mine, anyway.

WHOO HOO on the oldest's EEG. Will keep him in my thoughts.

Yes, on Kresley. :)

Hope the weather is treating you well. I just got home from San Francisco - it was 50 when I left California and a whopping 110 heat index when I stepped off of the plane at home. UGH.