Sunday, July 13, 2008

One of my All Time Favorite Shows

If you've ever watched any of Weird Al's MTV Video spoofs, you know just how clever and talented this man is. However, a little known film he made awhile ago is my absolute favorite for lifting me up when I feel down.


There are so many movie puns/spoofs and references, even as of today, I've not identified them all. The only thing I DO know is, they make me laugh. The man has a gift.

Al could not have started off his movie with a more perfect scene and parody. Too dang funny and so much fun. Even the music makes me smile, which you can listen to at the link at the bottom of this post.. ....

I know entrepreneurialship is alive in well, but this sure took it a bit too far. **snort** LOVE the expressions on their faces. I go into fits of giggles every time....

That's one part of the scene I like...Turtles...who knew? ROTFL

This next one had me chortling and LOL'ing so hard when I first saw it. Thank goodness Conan isn't for real because I do NOT remember anything about the Dewey Decimal System.

And this place? I'm serious, when I pick up a spatula? I have this commercial in my head. When one of my spatula's break, I wish for just such a place to run to.

I'm pretty sure Al put this video together -- it's a capsule of the high energy Al's best known for.
BUT WHO IS THE GUY HE'S DOING A PARADY OF WITH THE FLASH CARDS???? I cannot figure that out. Any ideas??? And Billy Idol never looked so good. **tee hee**

I think this is going to be one of my most favorite posts on M's Favorite Things...just because putting it together made me smile all the way through.

Can you remember the last post you did that had you feeling so good as you hit Publish????

Click here and SMILE!!!!!!

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