Sunday, October 05, 2008

It was my Birthday today

Yes, I was sick and I stayed in my jammies all day. But, Dh got me a scrumptious cake filled with my favorite Bavarian Creme filling.

So, I have been online, basking in the glow of MySpace and Facebook with all the wonderful well wishes coming in. I'm flattered that so many of my favorite people chimed in and in fact a few surprises came my way too.

So, in the vein of fun that is a birthday, allow me to expose how old I am. You see, I remember this show and loving it.

Tee hee

If that isn't enough to show my age, what about this blast from my past,

Does anyone know what character and much loved series Wild Boy ended up starring in later?

And one of my favorite shows was this:

I used to have the blue prints to one of the EAGLES courtesy of STARLOG magazine, a publication that I adored for many years. Amazing how I've gone from hard core science fiction to pure romance.


Who knew?

Well, my special day is almost over. So, thanks for dropping by and viewing some of my fav's from my 'younger' days.


Dru said...

Happy Birthday!

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Michele! Sorry you were sick but so glad you had that luscious sounding cake. Bavarian creme! I'll bet that made you feel all better! :-D

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday Michele! HUGS!

whateverfor said...

Happy Birthday!

I *LOVE* Space: 1999! My husband and I found it on DVD at the Best Buy and had a good giggle before getting it as a birthday gift for his uncle. My favorite thing about the show is how 1999 really wasn't as fabulous in reality as it was in the show. :o)

Science fiction and romance make perfect sense to me - love is a strange affliction of the heart, soul, and mind after all (I'm sure sci fi stories have explained it away as some disease all youths succumb to in their lifetime - kind of like space craziness).