Monday, October 13, 2008

Time to change the post

Not a very original title is it?

I always have things to say but that doesn't translate automatically to a blog.
I decided to post pictures.

I mean, why not? A picture is worth a thousand words so this blog ends up being a short story, right? LOL

This first picture is of a place I drive by at least twice a month but I've been doing it for 15 years. Finally I slowed down enough to snap this picture. I wanted to share this with you so you could see the sheer absurdity of posting two different speed postings so close together. I mean, if you go 35MPH, do you get a ticket for breaking the 25MPH limit?
Which one do you choose and since when should we HAVE a choice? LOLOL
I don't think it's too often where numbers make me laugh,but these sure do.
What were they thinking? And why leave it for over a decade?

This next photo is one of three baby snakes my kids found. They put 2 in the hole they dug so they could view nature up close. Of course I had to come out to see what the excitement was about. Personally, I'm not too excited or enthusiastic about things that slither but I have to admit, small things, even snakes, are cute.

This next shot is of an unusual bug that up until I moved to the country, I thought were exotic and had only seen them on TV. What an amazing surprise to find this five incher...possible six, in our yard after a rather humdinger of a thunderstorm. It's an amazing critter and you know what? I think they bite. Won't catch me testing that theory out though. ::shudder::

I love this picture. It's of a friends frisky dog and I was able to snap the pic because the little darling needed a rest after racing pell mell all over the neighborhood when we took her for a 'walk'.
She's such an adorable and loving puppy. Though I think she'll be a year old fairly soon. Where does the time go?

This last picture is of my SIL's dog. Another cutie who luurves his mommy. My SIL was out on the porch talking to my DH and the dog was inside. As you can see, inside is NOT where he wanted to be. Isn't the paw up in the air endearing? Soon after this picture was taken we took pity and let him out so he could jump joyously around my SIL. I'm personally not a dog person but being in these two dogs' company for awhile, I can see the appeal.

Well, there you have it. Words do come from pictures and I now have my blog post.
Have a wonderful week everyone!


Marianne Arkins said...

LOL... stick bugs don't bite unless you're made of vegetation.

And Dakota turned 1 y.o. on 9/22 -- I can't believe how fast the time has gone by!

Brandy said...

I KNEW that was Dakota! *G* Awww, cute pug! I swear if Layla was a dog that's what she'd be.
OOh, nice bit of dicotemy(sp) on the signs.

I hope things with you and yours are going well!

Rayke said...


Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I love the speed limit pic. You have something like 8 seconds to go 35 before you're officially speeding. LOL