Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tongues and Middle Fingers

There's a posing trend going on that totally fascinates me.

I just joined OWNED on FaceBook the past few days and I've noticed something quite perplexing.

The preponderance of males who insist that a cool pose sure to garner interest and purchase seems to require that their tongues hang out like over eager puppies. Or it looks like their mouth muscle is caught doing acrobatics towards someone/thing else. Is this a must for a relationship? I mean, auditions for KISS ended decades ago, so why else?

Then there is the middle finger. I don't care if I'm looking at pictures of teens or men over 60 years of age - the lure of the middle finger is timeless. Few do it with a smile. They inevitably add in a scowl or "mean dude face" sure to intimidate the viewer. Or is it they hope to entice a female buyer? Perhaps this is the new male dating phenomena much like the antics of birds or mammals in the wild? The more fierce a male is, the better the date will be?

Personally, I laugh. I think all that posturing is silly, unimaginative and pointless. The fact that so many think of doing the same thing in many of the same ways shows their level of imagination. The only difference is the location of the pose -- exotic locales or in not so quiet suburbia, tongues and middle fingers abound. I'm not quite sure if the females are drawn to these male displays or not but it would be interesting to find out.

As for the females out there, well, they are a bit more...classy. Not too many middle fingers for them but tongues? Yes. And bikinis abound showing abundance. I notice that those that show the most nubile poses are consistently in the 4 million "dollar" range. Not blatant poses, but instead graced with softening touches and props and/or colorful backgrounds that enrich and entice a viewer.

Whereas crass displays of vulgar hand signs are left in the dust, tasteful and artsy poses strike a resonate chord which equals unheard of lunch money in the application of OWNED.

I'm of the opinion that once again it shows the difference between cavemen and sensual sirens. The battle of the sexes continues regardless of venue.

I wonder if those tongue wagging, finger flippin' males will ever notice?

You won't find them in MY portfolio, that's for sure.


Kealie Shay said...

OH... *snort*... *snicker*... You're right, I DID know what you were talking about. Hee hee... I haven't really done much on there though. I was "bought" by a friend. LOL

Now I'm very curious, will have to go surf.

Annalee said...

Hello ... I got the word match up correct. Wow! (I guessed on two). I haven't stopped by in a long while. Hope all is well.

Michele said...

Hey there, Kealie!
I knew you would, LOLOL.
It just hit me one day because I saw so many of them and I got to thinking, what are the odds? And WHY?
Guess that Men from Mars and Women from Venus thing is true...?

Hey there Annalee!
I'm doing well. Keeping busy and out of trouble. Darn it.
So nice to see you!!!!