Sunday, May 31, 2009

Men and Clay

I am greatly amused by man.

What is it with men and clay?

Youngest has a scorpion project. Has to do a report on it's habitat and the scorpion cannot be a store bought plastic toy. Nope. It can be made with anything you want, but it has to be homemade.

I had to work so I asked my DH to help out youngest. Good gravy!
It became "The Project"

He SHOPPED for the right clay,
He ORGANIZED the items he'd need; stood there and basically said, "Rally the troups, I need...rattled off a long list of stuff that had me scurrying all over the place to find the stuff. Why me? I seem to be the ONLY person who knows Where Everything Important Is In The House.
Married Women or Women who do Domestic Sharing the world over, know of this syndrome.

Then he referred to the pile of books I picked out from the library.
Obvioulsy, I chose wisely. There was the perfect detailed picture he required for his masterpiece.

He then proceeded to make his OWN scorpion whilst youngest watched and sort of copied the technique yet making the little critter entirely his own creation, including sticking a piece of tooth pick in the tail for the stinger.
Nothing like a little reality. ::shudder::

In the end, the result was pretty impressive. DH was SO into it too -- it was pretty funny.

If/when he decides to commit to something, he is 100% focused.
And he likes to play with clay.
Who knew?


Dru said...

Did you take pictures?

Brandy said...

Did he leave you with everything to clean up? And yeah, where are the pictures? *G*