Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Favorite Kid Quote

I guess my last post was a bit...macabre.


I have a variety of interests.

Today I'm going to share my favorite quote from this past weekend.

When stating the intention of tracking down where the sky divers/jumpers we'd been watching spiral and float to the ground originated from, the young man said:

"Oh, I've done that before. I'm an expert!", chest puffed out in pride.

I looked at him aghast.

"Your parents have let you sky dive? You had lessons? When was that?!"

"Oh, well..." chest deflates. I've actually done it on Play Station 3.
But I'm REALLY good at it!"

You have to give him credit for enthusiasm. *giggle*

Just remembering the look on this young man's face as he boasted with the best of them, keeps me giggling long after it happened. Art Linkletter sure had it right.

Kids really DO say the darndest things...


Brandy said...

Now that is funny! I will say that after watching my Daughter play those car games I'm not sure I'll EVER let her get her license.

Kailana said...

Just as long as kids don't REALLY think they are experts because they are good at video games. That would be scary! Fun story, though!

Michele said...

LOL, Brandy!!!!

Kailana...Oh I hear you on THAT point. Yikes!
And thanks, I'm glad you got a smile out of the story too.