Sunday, May 17, 2009

I threw the clock out the window

And time really flew!

Look at the calendar.
It's May.

We have a graduation, a Confirmation and our anniversary this month.
We've had a sleep deprived EEG and another coming up before the end of the month.
It's been busy. My youngest was diagnosed with Petit Mal seizures.
Then he ended up having a Grand Mal on the school playground.
Imagine a young person who goes unconscious one place and wakes up to awareness in an ambulance speeding to who-knows-where, surrounded by strangers, strapped to a gurney with an IV sticking out of your arm.

The school reacted very professionally and with consideration. The rumors that started were almost immediate: His head split open, he broke his leg, amongst a few. Kids sure can be creative when it comes to drama.

My eldest had a M.D. appt which required him to be taken out of school early.
What do you think happened?
One of his peers called later that day and asked him why he had to leave school so suddenly, did he have Swine Flu?

Sheesh! Kids seems to be fascinated with dramatic mortality.

As far as a favorite thing, books, I've discovered Christine Warren. I ordered every book in the Other series and I read them one after the other. I love when I can do that. I feel like I'm immersed in another world, getting to know the characters and unlike soap operas, it doesn't take a year to make a point. Well, when I come in late to a series it can work that way, LOL

I saw Star Trek yesterday. Oh my GOSH! How did everyone keep the secret? I LOVED what they did!
I try to talk to my DH about all the great parts but he's not into dissecting things. He was OK with the movie. Okay because he expected more like the old series whereas I was wide open to the possibilities. I was not disappointed in any way. The action, the characterization, the subtle hints and jokes that only the fans of the original series would get, it all worked and I had a blast!

At one climactic point, I saw one young person put their arms in the air in a Touchdown! motion. When um... when the Live Long and Prosper sign was used, the girls next to me, three of them, all put up their hands and Did the Vulcan sign right back! LOL
Even my kids did it. My DH is the ONLY person who cannot do the Vulcan Hand signal.

At the end of the movie, Guess who started the sold out audience to start Clapping?? Me! Me~! I started them clapping cuz I started it first. I was so enthused, I could not keep it inside. Star Trek ROCKS!

I started a garden. Planted seeds mostly. Peas, lettuce, 2 kinds of chives, green beans, cosmos flowers, and radishes. So far the peas and lettuce are coming up. Waiting on the rest.

I've won two free ebooks lately. That was awesome!
So, that's what happens when time flies - you live and experience and the blog sort of gets dusty.
Sorry about that.

But I'm alive and around
Hope you are too.


Marianne Arkins said...

Imagine my surprise when I saw you in my Google Reader! LOL...

Glad you liked Star Trek -- I'm a little afraid I'll be like your DH, as I watched all the old and new Trek shows on TV and was pretty freaky about them.

And, you know when you mention reading books the first thing I'm going to say right? Right???

Where's my review? *G*

Brandy said...

Hubs is dying to see Star Trek, would it be okay to take a 7 year old to see it?
I'm glad to hear you've been good. Sorry to hear about your Son's seizure. I hope things with the Doctor were worked out.
Christine Warren's books are SO good!
I wish you and yours well and blessings!

Kailana said...

You sure sound busy! Glad you are still around, though!

Dru said...

I wish I was a Star Trek fan since it's all the rave.

The movie I do want to watch is Night at the Museum 2 and Terminator 4.

Have a good weekend.

Michele said...

Oh , HA, M~ . LOL
I'm not the worst blogger out there... but I guess I'm getting close. :-)

Review, review, review...I'm working on it. LOL


Thanks Brandy. I answered your question on your blog. You know tho, perhaps it would be OK. The sexiness would fly right over his head. ;-) But the action is terrif.
And tx re: my son. It's a fine tuning process with meds and tests. We'll get through it. hugs!


Kailana! I'm glad YOU are still around to see me be still around...did that sound right?
Yep, keeping me busy , keeps me out of trouble...darn it.


Hey there, Dru!
Hey, don't knock the The Night at the Museum, that show rocks! My eldests friend just told us he saw in on opening night. He loved it! We can't wait either. I'm not a lover of the Terminator movies and they are the rage too. I'll look forward to GI Joe and ..perhaps...that movie, UP.. it looks awfully cute.

Happy weekend to you too, Dru!