Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Hair of the Dog

Getting old?

Get Daisy!

Her Blog is a riot!!!! I had to comment but more than that, I had to post and share my comment too because it is WAY to funny and NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT!

Read her blog then tell me you opinion ... have you noticed? Do you care?

My response to her blog:

I found grey hairs on my head a couple of years ago and was in shock!
Me? Me? Getting Old?
But once they start, they sneak and pop up in all sorts of nefarious ways and places.

The worst?
Pubic Hair!

Why did it never dawn on me that our muffs would match our heads?
NO one talks about that!

And the ROGUE hairs are the worst!

You know, you are walking around in the summer with a tank top or other cool garment and your hand brushes up your arm to feel something out of place.You look down and your eyes widen with incredulity ... IT'S A LONG SNAKE OF A GRAY HAIR!!!

At that point, your brain scrambles, wondering WHO has seen it, why you never noticed it when it was a little itty bitty piece of stubble.. NO, you only notice when it looks like you could use it for fishing line!

And Female Facial Hair! Have you ever noticed that the older women get, the hairier? It's true!

Have you ever noticed when they let it get all long and curly under their chin? You could have straight as straw hair on your head, but give you chin hairs, and they are Shirley Temple Wannabe's!

Oh yes, Hair and Aging;What a delightful topic!



Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Honest to God, Michele, your comment had me cracking up this morning. There I sat, bleary-eyed in front of my monitor, checking my blog comments, and then my eyes popped when I read what you said and I nearly spewed my coffee. LOL

Brandy said...

It does seem to the the unwritten story of getting older for a woman. I just this year started getting a few silver hairs on my head. I am not sure I want to know anything else right now. *g*

Bailey Stewart said...

I have silver hair, not gray - but I've never checked "down there". *gg*

Tag, you're it!

Judy Thomas said...

rofl... too funny!