Friday, November 16, 2007

A Bumper Sticker

Today on the way to work, I saw this bumper sticker for the first time.

Wiccans are Spellbinding People.

That has to be a first for me. It was on a huge fire engine red pick up truck with "manly" stickers all over the tail gate.

So out of place.
Or is it?
So, who watched Moonlight this evening?

This one was more active and well done. The bad guy was creepy and perfect in fangs.
I didn't care for last week's, with his ex dead undead wife come back as human because he toasted her to save Beth all those years ago and for some reason that purging by fire remade her human.
I have to say, HUH?
Next week they're going back to that Coraline thread and I am NOT thrilled. Give us a real doozy of a curve or conflict or antagonist. Drop the Bitch for good and give us a more original villain.

And Mick? He sure is handy with a sword. So Medieval ... So authoratative, so romance book hero worthy.
And did anyone else get the feeling that the "blood" he was drinking was actually GRAPE JUICE? It sure looked like it to me.

The romance book site that caters to those of the erotica line is up and running.

Check it out.
They're always looking for reviewers. Remember that if you ever read a romance book that inspires you to want to share.
It's a crime to keep silent about those.
Well, it's true.
They finally said the dreaded four letter word. I hoped this year would be like last year, but nope. They said it.



Did I tell you that my camera was either lost - fell out of my pocket book at the band concert - or Stolen - out of same pocketbook - at the band concert.
I am extremely bereft.
I bring a camera everywhere because you never know when that perfect moment will occur.

It obviously is going to be perfect for someone else.

That's all the update.
Have a great Saturday and Sunday!


Lyn Cash said...

UGH on the camera loss! ACK.

I imagined the grape juice blood to be that of someone with an extremely high, wonky iron count - LOL.

On the power outage, I'm afraid I'd do my business wherever, whenever I could, ESPECIALLY in the dark. I'd just hate to be the woman I despised if one were with me, because I'd ask for one of her shoes if I couldn't find the commode.

I didn't just say that - it wasn't me - I'm not really like that - really. (just hang onto your shoes)

Brandy said...

Sorry to hear that your camera was stolen. That's always so upsetting, it feels like you were invaded.
I hope you have a good weekend!