Thursday, November 15, 2007

Third Floor Blackout

Yesterday was wild!
Our building lost power, even the phones.
So there we were, stuck on the third floor. Thank goodness no one was in the elevator!

The odd thing? Even without power, there was still noise. Beeps from alarms, and a strange humming from somewhere inside the building.

Faint light from the emergency lights didn't do a thing, especially when you had to go to the bathroom. It was pitch black in there. But the bladder didn't care about any of that. You know?
And no one had a flashlight.
What to do??


Yep, open cell phone and work fast. LOL

We still don't know what caused the outage, but by the time my work day was over, the power was back up and faxes and computers were humming.

And I discovered a new use for my ER cell phone.
Guess it was an emergency.


Brandy said...

When we lost power a couple of weeks ago, the kids used the flash on my cell phones camera as a flashlight. *g*
Glad to know you were able to get around okay and that no one was injured.
I hope you're having a wonderful week!

Michele said...

It was a busy week , full of adjustments.
Thanks Brandy!