Sunday, December 23, 2007

I've Been Cyber-Claimed by a Cat

It's true. Honest!

You know Bailey?, one of my blog buddies?

Well, she has four kitties. We both have MySpace IM.

When we chat, we like to use their sound effects, limited as they are.

One that we utilize and which works incredibly loud is the 'smooch'.
We accidently discovered that Bubba responds to my cyber-smooches, muchlike if I were right there calling him.
And last night, I was cyber-playing with Bubba and Bailey said he was rubbing all over the screen.

I was so tickled pink! I mean, here I am, a person allergic to cats in general (I pet, hug and get scratched anyway, I"m a glutton)

and I get to play with a kitty hundreds of miles away! And with no sneezing and runny eyes?
How cool is that?!!
Yep, when I MySpace IM with Bailey, I get a Very Big Grin on my face cuz I like sending smooches to Bubba.
Oh, and she nicely sent me the CUTEST picture of the furry dear so I can put in on my computer.
I had a happy moment last night.

In other news:

More serious, so you might want to quit reading now if staying in a happy mood is important to you.... because I will now VENT my displeasure.


I only sent one Christmas card out - to my little sister.

I finally went shopping yesterday and was ready to drop by the end of it.

It was nice to finally be free of the shackles that bound me for a month.
Son was discharged from the program.

We had an attempted IEP meeting Friday morning.
The school is fighting me.


The school liason tried their hardest to NOT allow me to have in writing my request that my son be allowed to be in a special program even in light of the fact that he is NOT to return to the only program they're willing to put him in upon his return. There are NO supports for him there. Yet they claim that what they have is enough. Is it geared towards teaching children with Aspergers? No.

But still they claim it's 'enough'.

Anyway, back to the special program - we requested that he be allowed to be entered into the SCIP program for 8 weeks. They declined. Said that they couldn't, that it wasn't possible.
My Advocate forced the issue, reiterating that I still wanted it in writing that I requested it and they very reluctantly allowed the formal request to be included on the IEP meeting summary.
In the meantime, the LLP program they have him in is all they'd offer.

Oh, I take that back; they generously offered a tutor to come to my home for 2 hours a day in place of schooling.

That is their bright idea for him while THEY come up with a plan to teach him. No time line given to accomplish that BTW.

So, like, I'm supposed to lose time from work and he lose ground in learning for what - Weeks?? while they see if....Grrrrr, I am NOT able to be gracious with my wording the more I think about what went on in that meeting.
What I find disturbing is that their offer came after they admitted that they do NOT have the ablitiy to provide everything we asked for that WOULD give him the education he needs. AND deserves. I'm supposed to be OK with that.
Because it's the holidays, my hands are tied.

The fact that the psychotherapist that helped us so much is gone - on an emergecy medical leave of which no one knows if he's alive or dead and have had no contact with since this journey started - is causing a major stumbling block.
I have to find a NEW child psychotherapist AND child psychologist. And I have to do it yesterday. The school demands letters and info from a therapist I no long have and one yet to be assigned.

It's a very difficult position to be in right now.
The unknowing, the uncertainity, the feeling that I will possibly have to miss work and my child's educational needs are sorely not being met and will continue to be unmet because my child won't be allowed back to school come January 2nd, is daunting, disturbing and frustrating.

And I think I rambled and perhaps wrote out of sequence, sorry about that. But I'm venting, writing as the thoughts come to me. Sharing my fears and worrys.
How the heck have other parents gotten the educational compliance they need for their children with Apergers?
Is it like this in every school district?
Doesn't anyone anywhere OFFER services without a price in blood and migraines? Not to mention serious funds having to be invested in pursuing what's best for our children.

It's the Christmas season; a time of miracles and hope.
I need both, but I'm also willing to work for my child to make it happen.
HUGS to all parents out there who have to deal with similar issues.
How do you keep your sense of humor alive???

If you read all this, you need something to pick your mood back you go.

Help! Get me Outta Here!!! I don't wanna be clean for Santa!

And if you want to see a pic about what said disgruntled kitty could DO with dear old here for this cute pic!
I wanted to actually HAVE the pic, but it wouldn't load.


Brandy said...

The smooches and marking by Bubba is cute!
As for your Son, I am so sorry you, and he, are having to go through this. I wish I could help in any way, but the only thing I can offer is prayers, friendship and support. My thoughts are with you.

Michele said...

Brandy, Isn't Bubba adorable? LOL
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, Brandy.
Praying for the wisdom to say the right words to achieve our goals for him is just as important as the support.
Thanks for thinking of us, Brandy!!!

Bailey Stewart said...

Bubba loves you. I love that cat site. And your school district is full of assholes. My brother and sister-in-law had to homeschool their child for a while until my brother had his strokes and could no longer do it. The school district where they live refuse to acknowledge that anything is wrong with him despite doctors reports to the contrary. They think he's just spoiled. Do you live in a big city or small town - small towns are worse it seems.