Friday, December 07, 2007


I just tried Marmite for the first time today. You know, the British Version of the Aussie Vegemite?

This is a picture of the exact product I bought.

I spent $6.79 U.S. for 4.4oz or 125g of the stuff.

It said to "spread a thin layer on toast".

So I did.

This morning.

Amazing texture - almost like molasses, looked like it too.
What was my reaction?

Projectile Spitting.

I've heard it's an acquired taste. They're right. No questions, no doubts, - they ARE right.
I had put a swipe of butter on the toast beforehand, did that make a difference?
I might try it again without the butter to see if it does.

It also suggests "as a treat" to have it with a bit of cottage cheese on a "crisp bread", whatever ever that is.

Is that a CRACKER?

I may do that.

Just to give the stuff a fair shake - or should I say, a fair spit?

Have YOU ever tried this stuff???
What was YOUR reaction?
HOW does one acquire a taste for this stuff anyway??
Or maybe I should ask, WHY?


Shesawriter said...

Tried it? I've never even heard of it! LOL! With a name like Marmite, I doubt I ever will. ;-)

Brandy said...

Okay, I admit, I've never heard of it either. I'm like my Mom, I like lemon curd. *g* OR, my absolute favorite on toast? Maple Butter. Mmmmmmmmmm, yummy!
And good for you for at least trying something new!

Dru said...

I've never heard of this and I would never try it. The ingredients on the label doesn't even sound appetizing.

Bailey Stewart said...

Never tried it. But it's probably different if you grew up eating it. I did try escargot (as I answered in your poll), and will never do that again!

Anonymous said...

I love it. My kids do too. We have it two or three times a week on toast. It's great with cheese too.

Rayke said...

I've never even heard of this stuff, but "Yeast Extract" made me giggle a little...

And after your experiences with this product, you need to re-establish dominance. I suggest opening the jar, and just chugging it all.

Film this.

If not, you will be forever intimidated by this jar of Marmite. Turning on the kitchen light, only to have it stare at you. To the point that you throw a towel over it and don't glance in it's direction...

I smell a screenplay.

Michele said...

ROTFL, Tanya!
I love trying new things...but this one was a little hard to swallow. LOL
Glad I introduced the idea of something new!

Maple Butter??YUM... Brandy, that sounds delicious! But Lemon Curd... is it sweet? I'd try it but no one around here sells it.
DO you make it yourself?


Dru, But those B vitamins!
It's worth checking out healthy alternatives, right?

There is carrots in there too!


Bailey, *grin*... you are probably right, if we grew up with it, we might like it. Only one of my kids didn't who know?


You do? Do you butter the toast first or do you only spread the Marmite on the toast?
ANd what kind of cheese? I'm willing to try it in various ways to make sure I give it a fair chance ... you MUST like it for a reason.
I did find it incredibly salty and yet, there is Less salt in it than potato chips... so I'm surprised.

Wayne, I'm adopting you as my Marmite Guide to fine eating....

You always have the best sense of humor!
A screenplay? *snort*
Funny man.
So glad you stopped

Michele said...

LOL, Rayke, I need to add a word.

Glad you stopped BY!!!!!


Michele said...
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Brandy said...

Good golly, no I don't make it. I buy it from Whole Foods, same with the Maple Butter! *g* It's slighly sweet and sour at the same time. (The lemon curd.)

chris said...

My ex-husband's family was from Australia, so they had Vegemite. Horrible stuff. I couldn't think of a single combination that would be good, but they ALL loved it.

The upside, I don't believe it grows mold when it goes bad. I don't think it goes bad... does it? If it does it'll lead the army of fungus when they revolt! It's that strong.