Saturday, April 14, 2007

Is a Rainbow worth a Migraine?

It is when the pictures actually come out showing the prism effect.
Took me awhile to download it into the computer to see how it came out.
Wasn't there a great book by Susan Grant about time travel beyond a rainbow? Very romantic story if I remember.
Unfortunately, I didn't have such a thrilling result. Me and Bucket Buddy walked around for hours while my migraine induced nausea kept me company.

My family is pretty happy though and that counts for something. OK, so it's not a true rainbow, more like a giant prism in the sky, but the refracted colors can be seen and it is what got my little one's so excited that they came in screaming "Rainbow! Rainbow! We see a rainbow, come here! Come on!"

So here's the proof.

Click on the picture if you want the BIG view as it took a LONG time to load.
If you don't want to click, here's a slightly bigger pic for instant gratification.
Sort of looks like a ribbon tying tight and bunching up the clouds, like you would with corn stalks or paper flowers. Isn't Mother Nature creative?


Brandy said...

That's cool. I love it when things likethat happen. Your pictures are glorious.

Kate said...

mother nature is awesome.