Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This ain't ol' Sponge Bob

Here's a tale without a tail.

A sponge that bobbed but wasn't Bob.

An item porous but FAR from amorous.

I really wished someone had warned me, told me, and made sure I paid attention. Sponges are not made equal. After the Nor'Easter I guess a lot of surf and turf got tossed. One of the effects were these greyish floaty things bobbing in the water, moving with a gentle sway from the incoming tide in tide pools left behind earlier in the day.

Some were as big as eight inches across and two inches thick. Intriguing 'creatures', wouldn't you say?

Look at this critter. Doesn't it look like a cross between a rock and a slab of brains??

This shot was taken while the natural wonder was still under water. I couldn't believe how clear it came out. Cool, eh ?
The one thing that will always remain memorable about seeing and touching a sponge in its natural habitat can only be done in the form of a question.
What do Mer-people wipe their asses with in the ocean?
These sea sponges!!!!
Honest to Betsy, people, that is exactly what this sucker smelled like ... human shit. GROSS!!!!!
It took two scented wipes to get the smell off of my fingers!! I've smelled rotting seaweed, decomposing fish and stagnant water, but this takes offensive to a whole new level.
I don't think I'll EVER forget this experience.


Kate said...

what in the world would make you want to touch that hideous thing? yuck.

Brandy said...

You touched it? Eeeewwwwww!

Michele said...

LOL, Kate!
At first I thought it was a cool shaped rock!
And Heck, it doesn't smell under water... *giggle*
But what a surprise out of water!

Yes, Brandy, Yes I did. *grin*
Wont' EVER do that again, I promise.
Nature sure is full of surprises, isn't it?
I can just hear Mother Nature now..

Dru said...

eeewwww..interesting, but eeewwww

Michele said...

*giggle* Yeah, Dru, in a word... Ewwwww, is right. :-)